Brad saw the police cars before he got to Mina's house. His blood froze in his veins and he took off across the street at a sprint. Random police milled about and Mina and Lenny were being helped into an ambulance. They were covered in blood and clung to eachother, crying and screaming.

"Mina? Jesus Christ, what happened?" cried Brad. He elbowed a cop aside and got into the ambulance where Mina grabbed his shirt and refused to let go.

"It was Dave! He killed them all. He just . . . He killed them all!" said Mina, her face crumpled and she burst into tears. Lenny hung round her neck and sobbed into her shoulder.

"Is it over now, Mina?" he said, the words coming out a little muffled. Mina turned his tear stained face up to hers.

"Yes, sweetie. It's all over." Brad frowned; there was something in her voice that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. Before he could decide what it meant, the doors were slammed shut and the engine rumbled into life. Mina looked up at him and Brad gasped. Her eyes were bright they were almost blinding.

"It's all over" she whispered again. Brad nodded and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. His beautiful Mina was back.

But at what price.