Chapter 1:

Do as the farmer tells you, there's nothing else you can do. I mean, what is your life? It's nothing that's what it is. If it was you sure as hell wouldn't be here. I'm called Butterfly, I'm a girl but I'm often mistaken for a boy. When the farmer ain't bossing you around, that means I'm the one doing it. Your sent here because you are nothing, no one cares if you live or die. So I suggest you all be good girls and boys. If your bad the farmer will cut you up and feed you to the pigs or he'll do it cause you don't work hard enough or he'll just do it cause he feels like it. I should also tell you that the farmer is one horny bastard, that likes boys and girls. He'll fuck you all good and hard on a regular basis and I mean all of you.

"Little girl! Where are your going?" I shout. She's running down the road all screaming and crying. What is she like five years old? The dogs will get her. Their already after the little cunt, they'll get her, they always do. "Go on and watch, it should be a lesson for you all" I tell the others.

The dogs already have caught up, they bite down on her little frail legs. Even from this distance we can hear the bones snap. Damn all you stupid little ones quite all that gasping and crying. You ain't the one being attacked. The dogs have her stomach open now, the girl isn't screaming no more. She passed out from the pain of her bones being snapped, consider her dead. One of the dogs pulls from the small body a long length of intestines. When he gets it all pulled out, those stupid mutts start fighting over it.

"Enough of that, let's go" I tell the kids. I take them towards the house. It's a place right next to the farmer's house where the workers sleep. Sometimes the farmer let's kids stay with him for a night of fucking... well actually he invites a kid over every night. Like I said the farmer is one horny bastard. Inside the worker's house there's skulls and bones, dried blood and fresh blood all over the place. The other workers are out doing their jobs, you'll meet them soon enough. Since that little cunt was killed, we now only have three new one's. A girl and two boys. I wonder what their names will become.