Chapter 5:

The days are always long and the nights are always short. That's just how it is around here. When the day was over I watched the farmer take some chubby boy in to his bedroom. Then I went to my own room. It was small but better than what the others had. Since I was of course better than them.

In my room, I switched on the light and looked in to the mirror. This mirror was a full length once with many cracks. It was originally something the farmer was going to throw out but instead I had offered to take it.

I undid the top of my overalls and slipped them off. Then came my white shirt and old raggedy sneakers. I was in nothing but my boxers now. I had small breasts but wide hips. My face was very boyish, even if I let my hair grow I would still look like a boy.

Tonight was a special night, I had to look my best. I could never look good as a girl, even if I tried. The farmer always said I was a good-looking boy. But I'm not a boy, I know that. I don't have to dress or act like a girl. I'm just going to be what feels good. Butterfly is different from the others, she is better. She is stronger and smarter.

I grabbed a roll of duct tape from the dresser and began wrapping it around, tightly constricting my small tits. I pushed down the boxers and violently kicked them away. I would not be wearing them tonight. I just didn't want to.

There wouldn't be much of a choice in clothing, I don't have much. More than the other kids, but still not a lot. The farmer has given me some of his old clothes, the stuff he didn't want. I already knew what I was going to wear.

I had a white button- up shirt the farmer had given me. It was oversized and had a brownish-red bloodstain on the collar. But either way, I looked damn good. The duct tape made my torso completely flat. I put on a tight skirt that had once been another girl's. It was really short and this was the first time I wore it.

I was dressed in a way that felt good for the night. This was perfect for a special night. My legs weren't shaven and never had been but I was glad with the way it was.