POV Marie

Marie is sleeping in her bed, peacefully, having very pleasant dreams and what not. She is very attractive, with natural red hair, slender, decent breasts, nice butt, etc. She is sixteen years of age. She is currently wearing only bra and panties but she's covered in her sheet and blanket.

Unknown to her someone is watching her through the window. That person taps on the window loudly. Marie barely hears and merely stirs. This makes the man mad so he taps again, louder.

Marie wakes up and stairs at the window, dumbfounded. She recognizes the man as her ex-boyfriend, Steve. "Open up, bitch!" he shouts.

"What the hell do you want?" Marie asks, angrily. "I want you to open the window!" Steve says. "No, go away," Marie says. Steve pounds the window, even louder.

Marie sighs and gets up, not wanting her parents to wake. She goes over to the window and opens it.

Steve climbs in before grabbing her and kissing her, passionately. At first Marie likes it, only at first. Marie then pulls back and slaps Steve.

"What the hell was that for?" Marie demands. Steve growls and punches her, knocking her to the ground.

Marie looks up at him, scared. Steve laughs and throws her onto the bed before jumping on top of her. Marie struggles before he slaps her.

Steve then rips off her bra and squeezes her boobs. Marie moans and manages to push him off.

"Mom, Dad, help!" Marie manages to scream before Steve gets back on top of her and begins to hit her.

The sound of her parent's door opening is heard. Steve curses before pulling out a gun, "Tell them it's nothing or I'll shoot them!"

Marie's eyes widen she sees the gun. "Do it now!" Steve orders. "Don't kill them!" Marie cries. "Tell them to get the fuck away!" Steve screams.

Marie's eyes water as the door knob turns. Steve shoots the mom first, right as she enters the room, directly in her face. Her dad shouts his wife's name before getting shot twice in his chest.

Marie starts to cry. "You killed them," Marie says in shock. "You brought it upon them," Steve says before grabbing her and putting her on his shoulder. Marie is in too much of a shock to struggle so Steve has no problem carrying her to the window.

Once they reach the window Marie comes to her senses. "Let me go!" Marie shouts. "Shut the fuck up or your next!" Steve threatens.

Steve then climbs out the window, carrying Marie. Marie's bedroom isn't too far off the ground so Steve jumps and lands on the ground. He grunts as he lands and almost falls over but he keeps balance.

"Where are you taking me?" Marie asks, terrified. Steve ignores her and carries her to his car. Steve opens the trunk and drops Marie into it. Before Marie can do anything else, Steve closes it, trapping her in.

Marie lies there, scared. She hears the car start and feels it move. She then curls up in a ball and shakes, having never been this terrified in her life. She lies there for about fifteen minutes until she feels the car stop.

She then hears Steve's door open. Moments later, Steve opens the trunk. "Get out," Steve commands, aiming his gun at her.

Marie obediently gets out of the car. She sees that she's somewhere in the woods. It's also chilly outside and since she's not wearing anything but her panties, she's shaking. The only building in the area is a log cabin.

"Go into the cabin," Steve orders. Maries walks over to the cabin just as he asked. She opens the door and goes inside.

Inside, the cabin is full of naked women in cages. Marie gasps at this horrible sight and begins to cry, not just for the unfortunate women but also for her inevitable fate.

Steve walks up behind her. "What the hell is this?" Marie asks. "This is my collection," Steve says, "And you're my latest addition.

Before Marie can do anything, Steve pistol whips her in her face. Marie falls to the ground but is still conscious.

"Now take off your panties!" Steve orders. Maries cries and carefully pulls them off. "Please don' hurt me," Marie pleads, crying.

Steve laughs and unbuckles his pants. Steve strips himself of all his clothes and proceeds to rape her. He starts off slow before going faster and harder. He continues and ignores her pleads. Even after her orgasms he continues.

Steve eventually goes so hard that she bleeds. Marie starts to shake, having gone way beyond her sexual limits. Steve continues for several more minutes until she passes out from all the pain and orgasms.

Marie wakes up in a cage, she is locked in. Marie watches as Steve finishes getting dressed.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Marie asks. "Because it's fun," Steve laughs before turning off the lights and leaving Marie alone with the rest of his "collection".

Marie curls up in a ball and starts crying. Steve had taken everything from her, her family, her life, and her virginity. Marie doesn't sleep at all for the rest of that night and probably won't ever again.

POV Steve

Steve smiles at what he had just done. He had found an excellent addition to his collection. She was great to fuck, Steve tells himself, snickering.

Steve walks to his car and gets inside. Unfortunately I was forced to kill the bitch's parents but no matter. It's not like I didn't give them a chance.

Steve then drives off, ready to start preparations for collecting more women. Women, he used to date that is.