POV Adam

Adam is driving through the woods. He checks the map to see if he is going the right way. He is heading towards his friend Steve's cabin.

His friend Steve had recently died, apparently in a police shootout. Steve always was a naughty boy, Adam thinks to himself, laughing.

After his friend's funeral, he was called by Steve's lawyer along with the rest of Steve's inner circle. His inheritance is Steve's cabin and all of its contents. The way it was written in Steve's will made it sounds like there was a treasure hidden in it or something.

The will said, "And to Adam, my closest friend, I leave you my sacred solitude, my cabin. I hope that the contents inside will please you just as it had pleased me."

Adam finally stops the car when he arrives at the cabin. He gets out of the car and walks inside. To his shocks the cabin is filled with naked women in cages.

"Wow Steve, you are on sick son of a bitch. You are worse than I thought," Adam says to himself, shaking his head.

He pulls out his phone to call the police. As he is about to he stops and looks at one of the girls breasts. They had to at least be a double D. Adam looks at a few more of the women before sighing.

"Congratulations Adam, you're going to Hell now. Maybe me and Steve will be reunited there," Adam says once again to himself.

He puts his cell phone away and carefully counts how many women there are. There are close to twenty, Adam thinks to himself.

Adam then goes and enjoys his new collection. When he is done he pulls out a bottle of beer and has a small toast to his dear friend who in his passing has given him such a great gift. I love you man. And don't worry, I will take good care of your collection.