thesaurus the dinosour.
don't be a monster for the cause.
(something too evil to understand
my love and the pure light.) ((or plur light))
just dipping in through the window, coming
over us like drugs we understand and yet
we do not know ourselves like we do these
words. these words tell me about worlds I used to
dream about. drifting about in the stars and moonjuice.
(I like to think I know more about it now) packing bowls
for you and I to look deep into and find (under. stand?)
our. sleves. or any of the other selves that are sieves dripping
with muscle memory and membrane. semicolon high
ocular octane and cerebral napalm jutting in and out of
seaports and stop signs! and you don't have to (stop!) me.
or under. stand all of it. just keep in mind (or hand or headpin)
"love is the light, and yes it always burns." not always down all the houses
but certainly in the sky at night like celebration illumination. we'll be
holding hands and smoking bud, talking about what a wonderful summer its been
on the southern coast of California where we fell in love for the first and last time.