I've decided I want to stir it, before i'm ship less and weightless.
before I come to a time where there is,nothing left. before its all gone
and my love is no longer understood; I want to declare it.
"with you sam, I've fallen in love." in a moment where a heavy backpack
slid slightly off my shoulder and a bitter old women mounted "this
is sam. he is new." and in an instant I tasted magic and poetry.

while I'm still spending time holding it, I want to
describe its texture by telling you how rough and warm it is
smoldering in my stomach. that immaculate love that
dripped off my tongue while I kissed you and I would wonder;
"can he feel this? my honest intentions seeping into his tonsils?
burning him up, does he feel it?" a feeling I had no way of damming.

when I would come under you after coming over to stay the night
I thought I would have to be dreaming the first time. I never believed
that in keeping your love it would starve, no matter how much time I
spent hungry. because I knew one day it would complete me, perhaps
not forever but even a summer, I thought, it would be enough. because I
had the enormous moment! where your eyes light up and looked beyond me
and you roared "I'm just going to say it! I love you Coral." and quake runs up
my body. only by being myself I won brown eyes, strange music,
toothy grins, toxic tongues and cock. all suddenly mine. "I love you too Sam.
I always have." I got to say it. to your beautiful face from around my smile.

I struggle to say it because everybody else already has. sam, I'm coming under
words of you. heavy weightful piles of them, clamoring up in my mind.
I work to order them. birds on wires, cars in traffic, music from speakers.
you're tongue running over my clit until I pulling at tufts of brown hair
in anticipation of having you under me curling your toes and clenching your
sheets. I feel it so many times in my chest while I'm writing. its overwhelming.
so in these times where I can feel it, sitting in the air we used to share, hovering over
the words we once traded one another, I want to say it again the loudest I ever have
"I'll fall over fences for your love, and move seas into bedroom windows to prove it.
please come back to me one day to move the oceans before they run dry."