The theme is common

As common as ever

But define it – Go on! I dare yah!

You'll stop in your tracks,

And try to think back

To those bittersweet days when you

Were in love…

"He was always on my mind," and

"My heart would beat faster:

But alas, another description I get -

Another definition to master...

The dictionary itself describes it as

"A strong feeling of affection"

Bu such a simple meaning

Could not have brought about Feb 14th –

A day for romantic dedication.

The theme, like I said, is common

In movies, in novels, in song

But what if our view of this simple 4-letter word

Just happens to be wrong?

They say people "fall" in love

That forever kind of love barely seen

But what if instead,

It's all just gone to our head

And we're just obsessed with the idea

Of being in love –

The happiness it brings

The feeling of spring

The warmth of companionship

Like a fireplace

Someone to talk to

Someone to walk to

Someone to hold on to

When you just want to follow.

The reason for

The smile on your face,

The skip in your step

The reason you wake up

When you rather stay in bed

So, if it's a definition you seek

I'm afraid you'll be lost

Cuz love truly is

Just all of that…

© HalfPast12

Sunday September 4, 2011 (Midnight)