Callie Canfield woke up at 8:30 the next day. The house was silent. None of the kids were up yet, apparently. She made herself cofee and enjoyed the peace. There wasn't much of that what with four kids in the house.1190

When she had drank three cups and no one was up yet, she thought it was a little strange, but she wasn't worried. Usually Faye or Luke was up by now, but the kids must have all stayed up late and were sleeping in today.2191

When it was 10:45 and still silent, she decided to wake them up herself. She had some errands to run, and they had had quite enough sleep.3192

She went upstairs to Casey's room and opened the door. She reached Casey's bed and shook her daughter, fast asleep, gently. 4193

" Casey? It's almost 11. Time to get up."5194

Casey didn't stir. Callie shook her again. 6195

" Casey. You need to get up. We have to get going."7196

Casey flopped lifelessly as Callie moved her. Callie frowned. Something was wrong. She tried to wake her once again. Casey had never slept this well before, was she drunk? Drugged? What had they been doing last night?8197

Callie pinched her, hard. Casey made no response. Callie pulled the covers off her. No response. Callie tried to stay calm, but she was beginning to feel panicked. What was wrong with her daughter? Why wouldn't she wake up? She yelled at her, and when there was still nothing, she grabbed her wrist, wanting to quell her rising fear that maybe, just maybe Casey was not just sleeping. Checking her pulse, she discovered to her horror that there was not one. 9198

" Oh god! Oh god! She's dead, she's dead!" she shrieked. Desperately, she covered her mouth with her own and blew into it, then thrust her chest with her hands, performing CPR. Over and over she tried, sobbing so hard she could barely make herself perform it. But it was no use. Finally giving up, Callie dialled 911, sobbing that she'd found her daughter dead, come quick!10199

After hanging up, she hurried to Luke's room, still crying hard. She went to his side and tried to awaken him , sobbing for him to wake up, wake up, Luke. But to her utter horror and shock, Luke too merely flopped unresponsively. Realizing that he too was dead, Callie screamed, slapping his face and shaking him. 11200

" Luke! Wake up! LUUUUKE!"12201

Luke didn't, couldn't, reply. Now fully hysterical, Callie dropped him, racing down the hall to Faye and Kylie's room. She had to check on them, see if they were all right... they had to be! 13202

Faye was in bed too, but Kylie was nowhere to be seen. Callie's relief in not finding Kylie dead was dampened by her horror at seeing Faye too, motionless in bed. For the third time, Callie shook, screamed at, and pinched an unresponsive child. When it was clear that Faye too was gone, she sank on the floor, too shocked to do anythng but weep. And that was where the paramedics found her. Questioning her quickly, and responding to her hysterical cries that all her children were dead, they rushed into the other bedrooms. They found the bodies of Casey, Luke, and Faye, and discovered they were indeed dead. No amount of CPR could revive them. The strangest part was, when they searched the children's bodies, there were no injuries or signs of anything that could have killed them. It appeared as though they had just stopped breathing in their sleep.14203

After determining that the children were dead, they went back to Faye and Kylie's room to question Callie further.15204

" Where's Kylie?" she asked as soon as she saw them. '" where's Kylie? I can't find Kylie!"16205

" Kylie?" they asked, exchanging confused glances.17206

" Kylie! My niece! She's the only one I didn't find dead, but I can't find her at all! She isn't anywhere!" Callie wailed.18207

The paramedics tried to calm her down, unsure of how to proceed. " Easy. Take deep breaths. You'll hypervenitlate," the said.19208

Callie wouldn't be calmed. " I have to find her! I need to know if she's alive!" she cried.20209

She stood up and ran out of the room.21210

" Kylie! It's your Aunt Callie! Kylie, it's okay, you can come out!" she shrieked.22211

" Kylie! Kylie, it's your Aunt Callie! Kylie, come out, it's okay now, you're safe!" she called. 1212

Callie ran around the entire house, searching and calling Kylie's name. But she didn't find her, and Kylie did not reply. Defeated, she sank to the floor, sobbing. A paramedic gave her a sedative, and later she was taken to the hospital for shock treatment. The bodies of Casey, Faye, and Luke were taken to a morgue to be closer examined. Callie was the chief suspect in what they suspected was foul play.2213

Later that day, a whole team of police officers searched the entire house, top to bottom, looking for evidence of what could have killed the children, evidence of what had happened to Kylie. No one found the slightest thing amiss. A missing persons warrant was drafted about fourteen year old Kylie Slater, and though people heard about her and saw her on TV, no one ever found Kylie. And no one ever knew just what had taken place on Friday the 13th, 2002.3214


" Oh come on," scorned Ginny Sloane, to her older foster sister, Sydney. " That was supposed to be scary?"5216

" It's true," Sydney said solemnly. " It really happened, to someone I know."6217

Sydney had just turned 15. She had red hair and blue eyes. Ginny was 11, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Sydney had come to live with Ginny and her family in England a few months ago, because of her parents' deaths. 7218

" Yeah right. Who would that someone be? Practically everyone was dead at the end of your story," Ginny scoffed.8219

" I wouldn't be so sure," Sydney warned. " Remember what happened to Faye when she didn't believe HER sister?"9220

" Faye was made up," Ginny said. " And besides, it's not even Friday the 13th yet. Not until tomorrow."10221" Exactly," said Sydney. " I'm warning you ahead of time so you don't die."11222

Ginny rolled her eyes. " I'm going to bed,' she announced. " Goodnight, Sydney, pray I don't die in the middle of the night."12223

She turned out the lights and climbed into bed. Sydney lay in the darkness, listening to Ginny's breathing. It had been a long time since she had slept in a room with another girl. When she was sure Ginny was asleep, she whispered, " We'll see what she thinks tomorrow... I like Ginny. I hope I can make her believe me."13224

" What?" Ginny murmured. She had not quite been asleep after all. 14225

" I said, sweet dreams," Sydney told her.15226