He kissed her hard, parting her lips with gentle but firm persistence. Her hands drifted to his sides, then shoulders, unsure, then tightening with sudden decision. He pulled her closer, revelling in her beauty, the feel of her smooth skin...

When they broke apart they were panting; he withdrew with reluctance his hand from under her skirt.

" You have to leave, Juliet."

" Yeah," she gasped, voice strange. She stood, began to walk away, then turned.

" Um... bye..."

" Call me Terrence, Juliet."

" Bye... Terrence."

" And Juliet? Let's keep this just between us..."

She nodded. Terrence, also known as Mr. Turner, watched, smiling, as the classroom door closed, and his fourteen-year-old student exited...

His dirty little secret...

Author note: Terrence means smooth; Juliet means young