What Really Happened


Last Friday I found a wormhole generator during play practice. If you're in my grade at my school you'll probably remember this. About a quarter of the grade had gathered in the music room for study hall, because we weren't in the block of A Comedy of Errors that practiced on Friday. I was about to start a book (The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan) when a small metallic object fell out of the air behind me. I turned around and picked it up.

I would provide a picture, but I can't because I never took a picture of it before I... never mind. That's for later. It looked like the top of a pen, with a spring-shaped base and a wavy line toward a ball at the top.

I slipped it into my left pocket. I have a habit of keeping important things (or things I might think may become important) in my left pocket instead of my right one. That way, if some major change in my life happens before I change pants, and someone wants to pickpocket me, they'll expect things to be in my right pocket (because they'll think inductively that I'll be right handed [I am]) and hopefully they won't look inside my left.

Don't worry if you didn't follow that. It doesn't really matter.

After school I went over to the X's (anonymous) house for DI practice. DI is a competitive creative problem solving organization, but for all purposes of this story, it was a sleepover. After the practice had ended (and after we had gone to Golden Corral - yum!) it was around 10:00. I went upstairs to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Then I realized I had forgotten to pack my bathroom bag. In the process of opening the door to check to make sure it wasn't in my backpack, the pen-cap device started shaking. Stupidly I picked it up. Suddenly I felt like two things were happening: I had stood up too fast, making blood rush to my head, and I was falling (like on a roller coaster).

After I "landed" and my eyes became functional, I could see I was in a room eerily similar to my own room, but with a few decoration changes: posters on the walls displayed what I recognized from Wikipedia as spacetime wormholes.

Still too stunned to talk, I looked over at "my" bed. Someone who looked just like me was sitting on it reading a magazine!

Aha! I've ended up in an alternate universe/reality! I thought. Wikipedia has served me well.

The other version of me looked over. "Oops. So that's where my portable wormhole generator went!"

He walked up to me and I handed him the generator. He put it into his left pocket. "Well, I guess I don't know which universe you're from, but I can see you don't come from one with quantum wormhole technology. You can look my reality over and compare it with yours while you're here, though. It does take my mobile generator a few minutes to charge."

Since I was still stunned and unable to talk, he walked over to a bookshelf and pulled out a small silver cube.

"This is a memory log. It records my memories to be played back, paused, fastforwarded, whatever-you-want-ed. It will interface with all 10 main senses in your body plus thoughts, and will make it much easier for me to explain this reality."

I sat there, not sure of what to do. The other me saw this and leaned over to whisper, "Put you thumb in the center."

I did this, and felt like I was falling again, but the blood-to-head feeling did not occur. After a few seconds, I landed.


The next chapters will be from the point of view of me from the alternate reality, with comments by "me" me (the previous narrator) under lines (not like the dots above). These are not author's notes, they're what "me" me thought at the time. Author's notes, if there are any, will be at ends of chapters and under three dots, like now.

See you in the next chapter!,