Eyes that see color;

Eyes that see none.

We have eyes to see,

do we not?

But why?



Do people look with eyes

full of judgement?

Can they not be proud at what they've got?

Must they expect so much more?

Why are you not satisfied yet?

There are Eyes that see the good in others;

Eyes that see the opposite.

Eyes that fear;

Eyes that dare.

We do not have the same eyes.

I know that

for a fact.

Eyes that will live on 'til tomorrow;

Eyes that just can't handle the light.

Eyes that see life;

Eyes that see Death.

My eyes are much different than yours.

Engraved within another's eyes,

I will see numbers.

Numbers that countdown to your remaining life.

My eyes are different.

But I still use them to see,

do I not?

I can't write poems to save my life... So... Yeah, I tried. Please bear with me. xP

Thank you for you time. C: