Chapter 2

A/N: Rewriting all of this, so most of the story is being changed to match the major points I switched and reshuffled. Mostly being the fact that Madeline, Fang, is now a different kind of Muse. I also have officially rewarded this story to Dusty, since she was the one who forced me to continue it. Even if continuing it required me rewriting it to actually give the thing a plot. So, N-joy.

"Why am I here again?" The boy talking was lanky, taller than the two girls who sat at the table with him by at least a foot. He had been roped into this early in the morning by his cousin and fraternal twin. Even after taking a shower, dressing up in jeans and a T-shirt then driving to the local mall it hadn't occurred him to ask why they had brought him to mall instead of letting him sleeping in.

"Cuz I thought it would be nice to have someone nice and tall that Candy could find easily. You fit the profile so I dragged your ass here." He grunted at her then took a gulp of his soda.

"Candy?" That name sounded halfway familiar but he couldn't place it.

"Yes Tristan, Candy. I told you about her already. She is my friend in Chorus. When I told her about Mary she was begging to meet her. She called earlier saying that she'll be coming over with Fang as her ride." The mall wasn't that bad, they had a food court with half decent prices if not so decent food and an arcade two stores down. Maybe this Fang would go with him to play vs. on a fighter game. He looked at his fraternal twin. She was frowning at the table twisting a napkin in her hands. They both had the same sandy hair and hazel eyes. He snorted, getting her attention and raised his eyebrow at her.

"Nervous." He shrugged at her. His sister had been getting into a lot of trouble with some of the other girls at her old school. Luckily for her that Mom decided to move when she did. The girls had taken to harassing her to the point where Mary was crying and he had been getting into fights with the girl's boyfriends. This of course made Mary extremely nervous around other people, especially popular people. If somebody messed with her again he would just punch the one that started it; girl or not.

"Alright Sis." He looked at Ashley, the cousin that had dragged him and Mary here to meet this Candy. She was having a texting frenzy on her phone, making him wonder why girls like her didn't like to play video games. He watched her for a while until she turned around, snapping her phone's keyboard in.

"Candy is here and she's bringing Fang in. This is gonna be fun!" Tristan rolled his eyes at her. Mary started shredding the napkin until he swept the pieces onto the floor and moved the napkin dispenser away from her.

Walking into the building had been a relief all its own. The AC made her hum as she moved from the heat outside to the cool inside. Later she would be shivering, but that was easily curable. Walking along side Candy was amusing, almost everyone waved or came up to say hi to the teenager. Making their walk longer after each stop. But Candy managed to handle all of the greetings and return them smoothly and quickly. Fang's hands disappeared into her pockets as she yawned.

"Where is Ashley anyway?" They finally got to the center of the mall, where the fountain of a horse was located. Over time it had become a wishing fountain. Nowhere Mall was small compared to the malls in other towns, but considering the size of the town, it was big. There were maybe twenty stores, five stores per hall.

"She texted that she was drinking a Cherry Gulp, so I say they are at the food court." The gulps were the local specialty; a mix of crushed ice with sugar, something else and artificial flavoring. A few of the flavors weren't half bad, but they had something else I like better.

"Mmm, curly fries." I had enough cash for some.

"Oh yeah, Grace wants to go over her music tomorrow, so could you give me a ride then too? Promise and I'll buy you some of those greasy fries you like."

"Okay, it's not like I'll be doing anything other than sleeping or video gaming tomorrow." I could wake up to drive her about eight streets over.

"Awesome possum. I think I'll be able to convince her to pull out some more of those songs she's been writing. Last time she called me her muse when we finally got one done." We both smiled at that. Grace really was becoming a fine song writer, but she sucked at making new melodies and getting the lyrics to fit to them. Candy was already humming some tune under her breath thinking about it.

"I thought you had some musing to do here." She looked up, her mouth open for a second before she remembered.

"Oh!" She grabbed my hand and darted off toward the food court. Though she was in a hurry she let go of my hand halfway there and preened herself as she walked, fixing her hair and makeup. I rolled my eyes, than noticed Ashley. She was looking like she always did, in a skirt and a tank top. Both eye blinding pink of course. She was holding up her phone like it was the Holy Grail in front of two other teenagers, both new and unfamiliar.

The boy was sitting like a scarecrow, his limbs stretched out. Wearing a totally awesome Mario shirt with old ripped jeans that looked like they had been bought whole he didn't look half bad. His hair was messy, but he didn't seem to care it made him look aloof. But I really doubted he was trying to look that way, I could see that his eyes could barely stay open even from here. Next to him sat a girl sharing his hair color, wearing a yellow dress. She was sitting with her legs tucked under her chair, her hands on her elbows. She didn't look very happy to be here. Occasionally she would bounce her leg like it was a nervous habit.

"Candy! You made it!" I would never understand how a girl with a voice that squeaky didn't blow her own ear drums out. I stopped, letting Candy move on to give Ashley a hug. Ashley didn't bother to give me a hug instead smiling at me instead.

"Yup the party may now begin! Now, let me get something to eat and I'll sit down and meet your cousin. I hope Mary is the girl."

"Course, Tristan can't sing to save his life." Now that they both had gone off to the line at the counter, that left me alone with the two. They were both staring. After an awkward moment I spoke.

"Uh, I'm Madeline, but everyone calls me Fang." The Scarecrow was named Tristan huh? He just seemed to glow for some reason and it made it hard to look away from him.

"S'up? I thought Fang was a guy." I shrugged; the nickname was an odd one I would admit. It had lasted since kindergarten and I had gotten fond of it. That and a totally awesome book character had my nickname as his name.

"Last I checked I was female." He smiled at my comment. I pulled my own chair out and sat down.

"So you are Candy's friend?" Tristan sat up a bit, growing even taller. I had to look up to get eye contact. Which oddly enough, I didn't mind getting.

"If you can call your sibling your friend. She mostly just kicks me out of the house to get me to drive her somewhere." I looked at the girl.

"So you're Mary?" I was being oddly social but I kinda liked it. It just felt giddy inside to speak.


"Nice to meet ya, Candy is almost dying to have another person that can keep up with her in a duet. Ashley tries but can't hit that high notes that Candy can. And you if I'm right you're Tristan?"


"So do you play any video games Tristan?"

"A few army ones."

"Any Medal of Honor? I've never got to try those."

"Yeah, I can't remember which ones though."

"Hmmm I don't have many so I've been looking for someone who does, maybe we can swap games. Do you mind RPGs and shooters?"

"Love shooters."