Hello all. The periods in the sentences are supposed to be there. They signify pauses between the words. As always, read and review and if you want to hear what it sounds like (no music) just let me know.


I. Can't. Hurt
There's no way I will make it
Stop. My. World
Show me something that makes sense

I'm. So. Numb
I can't stop what's being said
Oh. Red. Rum
These voices inside my head

Try to make it seem alright
But there's nothing in these frozen eyes

All I feel is pain
And there's nothing in this life that makes it seem at all okay
Dig, just one more, deep
And there's nothing you will find that takes the pain; so bleed

Do. Not. Breathe
I swear I will feel better
Do. Not. Scream
Just write my final letter

There's. No. Peace
I have to find my release
Try. To. Bleed
And fill this void inside me

Lie to justify my crimes
But there's no such thing as paradise


Pour me on some sugar
Sweeten this deceit
I don't want to suffer
Breaking at the knees

Pull the empty closer
Tearing through the lies
Silhouttes of monsters
Spilling from inside


All I feel is pain
And I'm trying, keep on trying, just to find another way
Dig, just one more, deep
Though I'm trying, I still failed to rid the pain; so bleed