-with a Vengeance-

choose one, and run with what you know
lose none, undone is not an option
I decided, and cried for you
stood by, and waited not to lose

choose one, and run with that which makes you free
refuse none, of the matters of the heart
why self-defile, when instead you can believe
in the cease of loss -of the lack- of freedom

choose one, and you've begun that which you are sure is sight
contours to you, what is done is gone so progress on to something new and alive
what's the use, of living outside of passion and grace
there is no life in a loss replaced

choose one, and run with what you voice
lose none, undone is not a choice
my mind was made and so it would be that the division was reduced
to standing by, knowing someday soon, I'd no longer be losing you

choose one, and run with that which lets you beautify
prove the sun sheds light upon your life
deny your heart not even one of its desires
fulfill your yearning with a fervence, before necessary's needings turning dire

choose one, and be sure your living is encouraged
pursue love, and in turn your warm content, now occasional, will flourish
never despair, seek euphoria with a vengeance
it's brave to dare to hope to fill the emptiness held in all men's hands

choosing one: it is promising to realize
such a small sacrifice to know, and feel, that you lived your life alive
it is never wrong to awaken within, from isolation, from desolation, in desperation, and dive into indulge
it would be, though, to do nothing in prevention of slipping into lull

choose one, and offer all inside you have to give
it has meant, for some, a healing kiss to a bloody wrist...
the falling away of fists raised to the sky, regretting what if...
the difference between living fully in love and having merely existed

so choose one, and, having open eyes, do run with what you know
true thunder, has come to those who've chosen
it's just a decision -just a question of whether or not you move impassioned-
to weaken and give in, to be empowered by your passion


Copyright 2001 by Susanne Estelle Hendrickson