This actually happened to me. I just though of putting to words how stupid I feel. :(

Companion song to this is Katherin Mcphee's I Lost You. Hope you guys enjoy!

I made him cry about three years ago.

Back then, I was disgusted at how I thought he was so weak that I made him cry by ignoring him. Embarrassing him. Making him feel useless, vulnerable. But then I realized, that I shouldn't have been disgusted at him.

I should've been disgusted at myself.

He loved me unconditionally, and even though he was embarrassed to say that, he did his best.

I turned him away.

He knelt down on one knee in front of our friends to give me a white rose, and even though he stole it, it came from his heart.

I kept it and smiled, but then I threw it away.

I ignored him and yet, when our group went out together he grabbed me by the hand, refusing to let go, as tears flowed from his eyes, begging me to talk to him and give him a chance.

I cried, never looking at him and walked away.

Back then, I didn't realize I was falling for him.

...Or actually, I already fell for him.

The way we bickered before everything happened, dissing him about his height, or lack of, how his grin had melted my heart, and how his talents and good-hearted nature stole it from me. I wish I realized it sooner, my stolen heart, therefore, I wouldn't have let him cry because of how dense I was.

After a year, I tried returning to him, only to find out he had someone new. I clenched my fist at the news.

I had run to his best friend and told him how I felt; he tried to help me, but in his eyes, he told me, quite clearly depicted, 'Its too late.'

I bawled. My eyes turned red, puffy and my cheeks were streaked with unwanted tears. Yet, I continued to cry like a little girl that lost her favorite doll. That was the time I vowed to keep him in my heart, as a punishment to myself, to symbolize he would never be mine, but I would always will.

Its been three years since all of that, he's moved on, while I thought about him every single day, and with those thoughts, I knew I deserve this, especially for making him cry when I didn't even deserve his tears.

But I'm thankful, if he didn't love me, I wouldn't have realized how stupid I was...

Nor would I have realized how important a boy's tears are.