~Another Year Older~

It was late in the afternoon when Anne's birthday party had ended, everyone had left with pleasant good-bye's and laughter. It had been a fairly long day and the birthday girl was almost relieved to see her visitors leave. When the last guest left Anne sat down on the sofa next to her father with an exhausted sigh, "I'm tired" she said and her father smiled.

"That figures but how does it feel to be nine years old?" her father asked his smile warm and loving.

"Well I don't really feel any different" Anne replied.

"It should stay that way then" He ran a hand aganist his daughter's soft red cheek, "Go up to your room you've still got one more gift"

Anne's face lit up and she jumped up from the sofa giving her father a hug, "Thanks Daddy!"

Quickly the young girl ran from the living room and up the stairs, once she reached the top she could see that the door to her bedroom was wide open. On her bed sat a pink wrapped package, filled with joy Anne ran eagerly to her room and grabbed the package. In her head she was pretty sure she knew what it was, that special thing her father had been talking about.

With all the wrapping paper torn off she open the flaps of the box and looked inside, in the box was a gun black and shiny. She knew this was the most important gift of today, Anne knew what she was supposed to do.

The young girl picked up the weapon and observed it, she had to do it. Grasping her gift, Anne slowly walked to the stairs where she saw her father standing at the bottom. She smilied at him and raised the gun to her right temple, "Thank you Daddy" she said and pulled the trigger.