~The Daughter~

I could be called the eptiome of the evil stepmother, do to the fact I hate my stepdaughter. She's no beauty like Cinderella, she's a very hideous child. I fell in love with her wonderful father years ago. He was the only reason I put up with the girl.

Now my dear husband has died of a heart attack. I would have to deal with Holly all alone. My husband had actually loved his daughter despite her looks and behavior. I could never quite understand why, even if she were my own, I would still hate her.

It was right after the funeral when Holly decided to throw one of her fits. She threw herself onto the sofa and began screaming. "It's your fault! It's your fault he's dead!" she shouted. I sat down in the armchair and tried to ignore all the nonsense she was screaming. I closed my eyes tightly, trying to hold back tears.

"I want you gone!" she screams.

Just pretend she's not even there, I told myself. I had tried this before and it never succeded. Her thrashing and screaming wasn't something I could just ignore. "Shut up! Shut up you little bitch!" I shouted, getting up from the armchair and I began screaming. "I can't take it!" I didn't expect to act like this, Holly had brought me down to her level. She only screamed louder, infuriating me even more.

Without even thinking I lunged towards her and wrapped my hands around her neck. She struggled and thrashed in terror, but I just couldn't let go. She was gasping for air, trying to escape my tight grasp. Never had I felt so powerful. When the last bit of life faded from Holly's eye, I let go. I cried from joy, she was gone. All those years of suffering, she was finally gone!

In the dead of night was when I burned the body. I wanted to destroy any trace of her. I scattered the ashes all across the backyard. Holly was nothing now, she was scattered among the grass, like the garbage she was. I went back in the house where I could now lay down in peace. The house was so quiet, no ear-splitting screams. I began laughing suddenly and the silence was shattered. I didn't know why but I started and couldn't stop.

The room was becoming darker and I laughed even harder. Holly suddenly appeared above me and we were laughing in unison. But she was dead! I killed her and burned the body. Yet now she was coming towards me from the ceiling. I still could not stop laughing. Even when she wrapped her cold hands around my neck.