Authors note: This is my first story. I will try to update asap. Enjoy! :D

Chapter 1

It is finally my time to join the fucking freaks that roam this godforsaken place. I am going to become a flesh-eating son of a bitch that is only thinking about the next time I will be able to dig my teeth into the next thing with a beating heart. Dex thought. If they can even think at all.

These thoughts were rushing through Dex's head as he flew up the stairs skipping two steps at a time as he made his way up to the door that was looming up ahead. With a quick glance over his shoulder he saw that the freaks had already made their way to the stairs and were tripping over the steps and being trampled by the ones behind in their hunger driven rush to feast upon his flesh.

I am no longer going to be alone. Even though I am going to become one of the freaks it is better than being alone. I actually hope they are not capable of thinking. I would love to be free of my mind. I can't keep going on like this. I am making myself crazy.

His hand flew out to the doorknob as soon as it was in reach and was on the other side with his back against the door in just a few seconds. Above his right shoulder was a dead bolt that he quickly turned into place locking the creatures out.

The room he had entered was what he considered a normal sized bedroom. It appeared to have a female living in it at some time before the outbreak. There was a small dresser in the corner straight in front of him. It was about 4 feet wide and had 4 drawers in it, one on top of the other. There was also a twin sized bed with a pink comforter on it and purple pillows and sheets pushed against the wall to his side.

This must have been Suzie's room. He thought. I wonder if her and her family were still alive. Who am I kidding they're probably walking around moanin and rotting somewhere searching for their next meal.

The zombies had made it to the door and were making it bulge with their body weight and hands that were eagerly pounding trying to pierce through the wood to get to him. The door is definitely not going to last long. He thought as he went to the dresser and pushed it across the room to the door. My suffering will soon end. He went to the bed and tipped it over causing the mattress and comforter set that was untidy on top to fall out of the frame against the wall. He pulled the bed frame over and tipped it against the door so that the headboard was holding the top of it. In the cracks between the boards of the bed he could see the wood splitting sending several cracks snaking their way up along the grain of the door.

When he turned to face the room he noticed all the posters and pictures on the wall that he overlooked while searching for stuff to blockade the door. One he noticed as being Justin Bieber and another one was a poster of Twilight. There was also a collage of photographs from the pre-zombie times. Dex walked over and saw pictures of Suzie when times were happy and people he recognized as her parents and some of her friends that he had seen around a few times.

A loud crack came from the door and the noises of the zombies intensified. Through the boards of the beds he could see three grayish toned arms reaching through trying to snag at anything they could put their disgusting hands on.

I hope it isn't to painful. I wish I could just put myself out of own god damn misery. I should have finished myself off when I lost her. At least then I would be actually dead and not one of these freaks that are the walking dead.

Then sounds started to come from below the stairs he was just chased up. Guns were being fired somewhere beyond the door and the zombies trying to make their way in. It sounded like it had come from a shotgun and then one or two sounded like handguns.

He really couldn't tell for sure though. De wasn't the 'average guy' most would say. He wasn't as into cars as all the other 17-year-old boys were. He wasn't into sports but he enjoyed watching them sometimes. And he was completely clueless about guns. Which he has come to regret now that the times have changed and guns should count as one of your extremities. Dex would have one but he could not bear to keep the one he had to shoot his sister with a few days back.

There are people here. Right when I was convinced that I would never see another living person they show up just to tease me right before I die.

The hole in the door was now big enough for a boy who looked no older than fifteen to have been able to get his head, arm and shoulder through. He kept opening his mouth and chomping it back down like he was already biting into flesh and tearing chunks out of Dex's body. I am going to be zombie food before whoever it is that is shooting are able to save me.

He ran to the only other door in the room which he guessed would be a closet since the door was a slider. He slid it into the crevice in the wall that was the doors place of hiding with a thud as it collided with the end of its lair.

"Hello? Is someone alive in here?" A mans voice called out. It was barely audible over the noise of the zombies.

Dex opened his mouth but closed it before he could bring himself to shout out for help. No don't you dare. You know that if you are saved which isn't likely going to happen, it would only be prolonging the imminent deat that is awaiting in the near future. Even if death didn't come for a year or more I will still have to live with the memories.

The closet was pretty much empty save for a few shirts hanging up on the closet bar a few boxes up on the shelf ,that most likely had some toys or some other things a girl of the age of 12 might have up there, and a few pairs of shoes on the floor. Assuming that there was no use in checking the boxes he grabbed the bar with both hands and pulled as hard as he could. Might as well go down fighting instead of just rendering my life to them. Nothing happened. his arms were not strong enough to pull it off. He placed both feet on the wall in front of him so he could put all of his weight and pressure into pushing off the wall. This time he could see it was starting to work. The bar was trying to release itself from its drywall prison and some of the drywall was sprinkling down to the floor.

Your not ready to die. Don't just give up. You have the chance to be with people again. Are you really going to give that up so you can be one of these bastards. Before he could stop himself he heard himself shouting out to the people with the guns. "Help! I'm up here! Hurry!"

A loud crash came from the door as the bed fell to the ground. Shit! this is the end of me. One of them is probably climbing over the dresser now and will be on its way over here and making me its thanksgiving dinner before being rescued! Damn all these mother fuckers! Let them all burn in hell!

Adrenaline started rushing through his veins clearing his head of thoughts except to get this damn bar free so he would at least be able to go down with a fight. When he pushed on it this time with more strength than the last thanks to the chemical coursing its way through his body more drywall started sprinkling down from the bar creating small piles on both sides and cracks spreading from the places the bar went into the walls.

The sounds of footsteps were now approaching. The zombie boy had crawled through the hole made in the door and was now right behind Dex getting ready to take a bite out of his shoulder. He pushed with all his might against the wall and pulled the bar as hard as he could towards himself for what he knew would be the last time that he would be able to try. The bar finally came free and sent him flying backwards and crashing into the kid behind him.

The smell that assaulted his nose when they hit the floor would have caused his stomach to empty itself if it wasn't for the adrenaline and fear he felt. He rolled off the dead fuck as the kid tried to take a chunk out of the back of his head. He got to his feet and ran for the bar that now lay a few feet from them as a hand grabbed his ankle and left three long gashes as he pulled his foot out of the boys grip. He grabbed the bar and when he turned around the bastard was already up and to close for him to swing at him.

"Take this you ugly mother fucker!" He yelled as he jutted the bar out and lodged it into the boy's eye and could barely hear a pop over the noises of the undead trying to get into the room.

A girl who was a few inches taller than the boy and a few pounds heavier had made her way through the hole and was coming at Dex. She looked like on of the zombies in the films he had seen that would walk with a wobble because of a broken leg but was still able to walk on it because either 1. She couldn't feel pain 2. The hunger for human flesh was so intense the pain didn't matter. The only difference here is she was trying to run and doing a horrible job at it. Her tits were bouncing up and down as she did her wobbly run towards Dex. Her left breast was missing a giant bite sized chunk missing out of it making it so she only had one nipple.

The gunshots being fired were a lot closer now. "Hurry! Please hurry!" Dex yelled. He glanced at the door and saw another freak climbing through the hole.

"Take this zombitch!" He yelled as he swung the end that wasn't lodged in the boy's eye at the girl causing the other end to free itself. It hit her in the face causing her to stumble back a few steps and then fall on her ass.

Dex tried to bring the bar back around before the boy was able to get to him but wasn't able to do it in time. The boy tackled him to the floor and started ravenously snapping at his face.

He raised the bar up to the freaks throat and was struggling to keep the boy from coming in contact with his face and getting his contaminated saliva coursing through his blood. Dex raised his leg up to the boys chest and punched him in the side of the head with his right hand and then pushed with his leg causing the boy to fly backwards.

Dex wasn't the strongest person before the zombie epidemic broke out but he most likely wouldn't have been able to carry out this feat. He had started working out by lifting things, doing push ups and just whatever he could to strengthen his body now that only the strong and smart can survive. He has always been a handsome kid he just lacked the muscle to look nice and fit.

The girl was already back on her feet and coming his way, and the one that was climbing through the door a couple of seconds ago was making her way across the room. It was an old woman that had a really bad hunch and patches of stringy grey hair growing from her head. these three are going to be the cause of my death. All hope left him of being saved. Dex broke out into a laugh as the three zombies approached him.