Authors note: I put in a very small bit of slashy goodness but you have to wait a bit longer for the good stuff. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

Dex swung the metal bar like a bat, back and forth in hopes of frightening the bastards so they would not come any closer. Even though he figured they had no fear, he could not quiet let himself give up yet. He was still laughing as the zombies approached him in their unearthly sort of walk. The source of his laughter was not caused by pure craziness. It was also the fact that a young boy, a girl with a boob and a half and an old woman were going to be the ones to finish him off. In a way he was glad that the time had finally come for his life to end, and glad that whom ever was here trying to save him had not made it in time. This is what he had been wanting for the past couple days, or had it been longer. Time had slipped away from him just as his life was about to. It was finally time to join the ones he loved. If that was even possible when becoming one of these fucks.

This last thought of him never being able to be with his family again ended any want that remained to go on living. Without a single hesitation, and the zombies approaching unfazed by his last desperate attempt to keep them away, Dex let go of his weapon while in mid-swing. The projectile collided with the face of the younger female creating a slight indentation where it hit. The force of the blow caused her to stumble back diagonally bumping into the older hunched over hag.

He was finally ready to accept the end now that he was totally vulnerable. Closing his eyes he backed into the corner of the room letting his ass fall to the purple carpet, and waited for the pain that was about to come.

As he sat there and waited for the end, his mind wandered in the final few seconds he had. First he thought of his mom. How much she did for him and his sister. How if they ever needed anything she would do her best to help them. The way she loved her children more than anything in the world, even though he and Saharra did not always treat her right. Her bright beautiful smile could make the prettiest flower look less pretty than it was. She was so open minded and caring. The huge comforting hug she had given him when she found out he was gay would always be remembered.

Jack... Oh how he missed being in his strong embrace. His musky scent that he loved so much. The sweet things he would whisper in his ear making him warm and light while his lips brushed his ear. How amazing it felt when Jack was inside him and how great it was to be inside Jack. How he made him feel special in a way that no one else has ever made him feel. He felt so safe and comfortable around him at all times. His gorgeous face and his soft smooth lips that felt so right against his own.

Then his thoughts shifted to his best friend and sister. How beautiful and amazing she was. The way she could dance and cheer would make you think she was born doing it. The way they told one another everything and had no secrets. The way she treated Jack like a brother was more than he could ask for. How she was so beautiful that he always had to protect her from the scum bag boys that wanted her for her looks. An image of her bright shining face appeared in his mind.

While he was lost in the memories of the ones he loved he was completely unaware of the two gunshots that had gone off. The first bang released the lead projectile from its copper shell sending it on its course into the old brauds head entering just above her temple creating a tunnel through her brain and out the other side of her head where it continued its way into the younger ladys back and embedded itself in her spine. Before the two could fall to the floor another bang sounded in the room sending another deadly object on a collision course with the zombie boys head.

Dex felt the anticipated touch of the zombie and felt warm blood on his face. This is it. I'm going to die. He thought. He could here voices but they were faint and he could not understand them. The pain he was waiting for never came just the weight from the zombies let him know that his death was happening. He could still hear the voices but could not make them out. Mom! Jack! Saharra! Is it you guys? I can't hear you that well! Dex shouted in his head. Is it really you guys? I miss you so much! Please never leave me again! I cannot bear the thought of living without you guys anymore. I was so lonely. So lonely.. The voices were getting louder now but he still could not make out what was being said. He could feel himself being shook and felt a sharp pain against the left side of his face. Now comes the pain.

Dex opened his eyes and saw the world as a spinning blur. He could make out shapes of people around him but could barely make them out. His first thought was that it was his killers but the voices seemed to be coming from them. "Mom? Jack? Saharra? Is that you?" The shaking started again and the world kept spinning. He raised his hand to his face feeling the warm liquid that was there. He held his hand in front of his face. All he could make out was a red blur and before he knew it, what little he had in his stomach was shooting out his mouth. Then everything went black.

I hope you enjoyed the chapter! More will soon come. XD