Title: Paint and Lingerie
Authoresses: VoodooPanda and ANT-chan
Rating/Genre: SMUT/NC-17 (for FEMSLASH AND SEX.)
Summary: With the Patroclos children moved out and the Adelais children otherwise occupied, life has gotten distressingly boring. Luckily they now have someone interesting to talk to. A One Moment AU smutfic. F/F

WARNING! This chapter contains graphic FEMSLASH. LESBIAN. YURI. GIRL LOVE. If that isn't your cup of tea, then don't get all bitchy if you make the mistake of reading it. Lesser warnings include nudity, a bit of bondage, language, oral, HJ, and use of toys.

We welcome you to this extra special, extra smutty bonus release! :D First and foremost, let me emphasize the fact that this is a complete AU. Meaning that in canon, the things that happen in this oneshot will never happen! Entertainment is the entire point of this, and we warped the characters personalities just enough to get them into all kinds of delightfully naughty situations! So please enjoy the M rated fun with Mona and Keres!

Paint and Lingerie

When the Retelling of Sexual Escapades Goes Wrong

Mona pouted and crossed her arms, glaring petulantly at her eldest son. Kendall stood in front of her, rubbing his forehead and sighing. "Mom, don't do that."

"Do what?" she muttered. "M'not doing anything. This is a perfectly reasonable reaction when a woman's children refuse to spend time with her."

"Mom, you can't do this every time I want to go somewhere with Sammy!" he said, exasperated.

Mona slapped her hands down on the couch cushions. "But I'm bored!" she exclaimed, childishly puffing out her cheeks.

"Then call that asshole Patroclos's mom! You two can talk about Dad without mentally scarring your children!"

Mona brightened. "Ooh! Good idea! Keres and I haven't had any time to really talk lately! Heehee!" She rushed off to get her phone, and Kendall rubbed his forehead.

"My mother... is..." He rolled his eyes skyward, thankful that is mom was so easily distracted. He managed to slink out the front door before Mona returned with her cell phone.

"Sixty-eight... Sixty-nine... Seventy..." Beads of sweat dripped down her nose, splashing onto the practice mat beneath her. Her arms trembled as she hefted her weight vertical, her toes pointed towards the ceiling. "Seventy-one... Seventy... two..." Keres huffed. 'Feeling the burn at seventy-two? What happened to the days when I could do over a hundred before straining?' God, she was getting old.

The martial arts master continued her workout of handstand pushups for a few more minutes. There was no reason for it, other than she was bored. It was early afternoon on a weekday, and so the instructor had no classes to teach. That, unfortunately, was what her life was like most days now. It got so boring when all your kids moved out.

Maybe she should take a "training" expedition again? She hadn't done that in years.

"If God is a DJ,/ life is a dance floor./ Love is the rhythm./ You are the music./ If God is a DJ,/ life is a dance floor./ You get what you're given./ It's all how you use it..."

Her cell phone was going off, blaring her ring tone of choice this week. Keres rose up, bringing her foot down on the nearby bench, catapulting her cell phone into the air. She shifted her balance onto one hand, and caught it, flipping it open. "Patroclos Insane Asylum for the Criminally Bizarre, where there's a straight jacket for everyone, how may I direct your call?" she purred into the phone.

There was a twittering laugh on the other end. "Do you allow painting in the padded cells?"

"Of course we do, Sunshine!" Keres swayed in the air, kicking her feet idly. "It's been a while! How are ya?"

"I'm bored!" Mona said, and the pout was audible even through the phone. "Sasha's with Aiden, Colie's with Noa, and Kenny's with Sammy." She suddenly paused, and there was a giggle. "Did you call me Sunshine?"

"Yeah," Keres said. "Somthin' wrong with that?"

Mona giggled. "No, not at all! It's jusl, well, Kellen used to call me Sunshine. Especially when he wanted something, if you know what I mean..."

Keres gave a suggestive chortle. This was why she liked Sasha's mother so much. She was absolutely shameless, in other words, a kindred spirit. She had no idea why that scared their children so much... Hm. "I know what you mean very well, Sunshine. But, please, do elaborate."

This encouragement pitched the pixyish woman into a tale that began with: "Oh, well, we were still in high school, and I went over to his house when his parents weren't home..." And ended with: "And that's how my Collette was born!" The best part? Mona didn't skimp on the juicy details. It was a full, uncensored recount of the entire romp, from start to finish. Keres couldn't help but listen intently throughout the whole tale.

'Fuckin' god, it's hilarious to hear such a sweet little woman talk about sex!' Keres thought with unrestrained glee. "Oh, that's nothing. Once, Dragon and I-"

"Save it for when you get here, Keres!" Mona giggled.

Keres's brow furrowed in confusion. "What do you-"

"I'm bored, you're bored, so let's be bored together, m'kay? Come over! I'll get the snacks ready! Seeya in a bit!" There was a happy giggle, followed by a click, and then silence.

The lanky woman blinked up at the ceiling for a few moments. (She had expertly rolled out over her handstand while speaking to the other woman.) And then a wide, impish grin spread across her face. Keres swung her legs up and propelled herself into a standing position, twirling about in excitement. Her boredom was finally over!

Keres was grinning and snickering the entire time she was showering. She dried off quickly and hopped in front of the mirror, studying her nude reflection. Her skin tone was still that Mediterranean bronze that would forever stay in her bloodline. Her short, shaggy hair was the color of deep caramel, and her eyes a bold reddish-brown. Despite her age (a startling forty-three) her body was still in good shape, her muscles firm and her skin tight and smooth. There were tiny wrinkles appearing at the corners of her eyes, but she didn't mind. Keres stretched, smiling as the red, flame-like pattern that wound around her shoulder and down her chest rippled with the movement.

She ruffled her hair and brushed her teeth, and dashed off, naked, down the hall towards her bedroom. The martial artist flung her closet open, staring at the multitude of clothes within it. A toughened fighter she may be, but if Keres had one weakness, it was clothes. Sexy clothes. She loved them. She loved the way they looked on her, the way they felt...

"Hi Dragon," she chattered as she looked through them, addressing the small memorial altar across the room. "I miss you. Today just got so much better! Mona called - I've told you about her before. We're going to hang out today and trade dirty secrets!" She snickered as she pulled a pair of snug black jeans on, forgoing underwear as usual. "She looks sweet and all, but damn, she's almost as bad as I am! S'kinda sexy, ya know? You would've liked her, Dragon. She's a trip!" She slipped the tight tank top over her head, smiling as it left a generous amount of her stomach bare. "I'll talk to ya later, Dragon!" Keres blew a kiss to the picture of her husband, grabbed her riding jacket, and pranced out the door.

Mona stood before the coffee table in the den, which was covered in an array of sweets, and two glasses of iced tea with lemon wedges. She beamed at her handiwork and nodded once. Without a second thought, she streaked off her oversized, paint-spattered clothes, and flounced shamelessly to her bedroom, in only her lacy pink bra and panties. She tossed them down on the floor, and pranced to her dresser.

She carelessly drew out a flowing, gauzy skirt that swirled around her knees like white flower petals. Then, she tugged on a tie-dye halter top with a fringed edge, one from her high school hippie days, when her chest wasn't quite so... full. Now, the colorful fabric stretched tightly over her breasts Thankfully, the fabric was stretchy, so it wasn't uncomfortable. Her hands went to her hair, pulling out the scrunchie so that it tumbled over her shoulders.

The brunette studied herself in her mirror and grinned at what she saw. For a moment, she was Dezzy Viaren again, the Flower Child. The very thought made her giggle. "You silly little hippie, you," she said to her reflection. She turned away from her mirror and slipped on a denim half-jacket with iron-on flower and peace sign patches, as well as a green and purple beaded fringe.

The roar of a motorcycle made her perk up, and she scurried out of her room and to the front door, dashing barefoot into the yard. It was a little windy, and her hair blew into her face.

'Oh, shoot,' she thought. 'Forgot to put my hair back up.'She twittered happily and said aloud, "Oh well!" Though, she couldn't hear herself over the sound of none other than Keres Patroclos tearing up her driveway.

The shorter woman beamed and waved joyfully, shouting over the sound of the engine. "Hiiiii, Keres!" The crimson Kawasaki Vulcan skidded to a halt very near her, causing her to jump and giggle. "Show off!" The lanky woman cut the engine, pulling her helmet off. She tucked it under her arm, her smile devilish.

"What's this?" she teased good-naturedly, taking in Mona's choice in clothes. "Did someone resurrect the sixties and forget to give me the memo?"

Mona's lips pursed and she placed her hands on her hips. "You have a problem with the way I dress?" she said, though her tone was just as teasing.

"No, no, little Flower Child! Especially when they fit you so well!" Keres pointedly eyed the younger woman's chest - appreciative of how the fabric stretched over her breasts.

The Adelais matriarch giggled. "You're such a pervert! But I'm glad you like it! I haven't worn this since high school. Oh, if Kellen could see me now."

"He'd be all over you, hon!"

"Well, let's not stand out here! There's some tea and sweets waiting for us inside! And plenty of good and dirty things to talk about!" The martial artist grinned as the shorter woman pranced towards the door. She followed after her, leaving her bike safely parked and idly tossing her helmet from hand to hand as she walked.

The artist led the way to the den, and bounced onto the couch in a shroud of white skirts and clattering beads. She tucked her legs beneath her and reached over to the table to pick up a muffin. She giggled happily as she bit into it, catching the crumbs in a napkin. "So, tell me, my lovely friend, about some of your wild sexcapades!"

Keres chuckled softly, taking a sip of the iced tea her friend offered her. "You get straight to the point, don't you?"

"Well, I could be mundane and ask how your day was and how the family is and all that. But considering two of my children are dating your son and student? I know most of it already!" the shorter woman twittered, gleefully munching on her muffin.

Huh. Well, that was true enough. "All right then! Let's get down to 'business'!" she crowed, almost maniacally. The Patroclos matriarch gave a quick pause, trying to decide what dirty little story she'd tell. After a moment, she said, "Hmm, which do you prefer? Poker or paint?"

Mona's brows rose nearly to her hairline. "Normally I'd say paint. But... what's this about poker?"

Keres grinned. "I love poker. It's my favorite card game - takes a lot of skill to play well. And let's say one of my fantasies has always been to play a very sexy poker game. But it took forever to get Dragon to agree to it."

"Why's that?"

"I uh..." she snickered. "I don't always play fair, and he knew it. But I got him to play eventually. Baited him with a few harmless games - threw in a kiss instead of a chip every once in a while. Well, finally one day I sat him down for a game and sprang the new rules on him. One-hundred dollar chips were for articles of clothing. Five-hundred dollar chips for a kiss or a grope - little things like that. Thousand dollar chips for toys, bondage, or other kinks. Five-thousand dollar chips for sex acts. He was reluctant at first, but he got into it soon enough. Had me giving him a lap dance wearing only stockings and garters in no time! One of the most seductive nights of my life, and that's saying something. We did everything from kiss to torturing each other with toys and teasing touches. We didn't even have sex until about an hour and a half into the game!"

"Oh my!" Mona giggled. "That's amazing! But... the question is: did you cheat?"

A slow grin slid onto the older woman's face. "...Maybe just a bit."

Mona giggled. "You're evil and I love it!" she crowed, setting aside her muffin so that she could clap her hands. "My turn! Traffic or lingerie?"

Keres leaned forward, eyes glistening curiously. "Traffic. I have to hear this."

Mona giggled again, before pitching into her story. "Well, Kellen and I had left the kids with my mother, and we were going to visit his father in Newblood City. And you know how awful the traffic gets up there. Well, we had been sitting in the same spot, completely immobile, for about forty-five minutes, and I got bored. So," She smiled. "I took off my jacket. Kellen hardly noticed at first, until I pulled off my shirt. He asked me what I was doing, but I just took off my skirt. Now, this left me in just my stockings and a paper-thin tank top."

Keres's eyes were wide as dinner plates. "Go on," she urged. Mona gave her a purely devious grin.

"I climbed over to his seat and sat in his lap. He couldn't help himself. Let's just say, I'm glad the windows were tinted."

To her surprise, Keres actually pouted. "You lucky bitch!" she exclaimed, "I could never get Dragon to have public sex! Or even semi-public sex! He was always too proper for it." She huffed, crossing her arms and slumping petulantly against the couch.

The artist put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Ooohh, I'm sorry, hon. But you know, some people don't like the thought of someone walking in on them having sex."

Her friend sighed, her smile returning - gentler this time. "Yeah, he definitely didn't like that idea. He was the private sort of man, y'know? He wasn't all that into excessive public affection, though I warmed him up to that after a few years. But- anyway!" She sat back up, eyes twinkling. "It's my turn right? The paint story!"

"What kind of paint we talking here?"

"Well, back when my brother was a photographer, he did this shoot where the girls and the set were covered in this awesome luminescent body paint. And the models kept complaining about the taste in the earlier shoots - 'cause it was on their lips, y'know? So they got this brand that wasn't just edible, but it tasted like strawberries! And after the photo shoot was over, they had all this paint left over, so..."

"Uh-huh?" Mona coaxed, "Uh-huh? So what happened next? What'd you do?"

"Heehee. My husband got the surprise of his life - woke up one night to find his wife all decked out in body paint (and nothing else) straddling him. Had some extra too. We had fun making... art... that night."

Mona nearly squealed in delight. "Ooooh! That's sooo naughty! I love it! My turn! My turn!" She thought for a moment. "The lingerie story! Yes! Okay, it was almost our tenth anniversary. Kellen had been working almost nonstop, and I didn't want to bother him by asking what our plans were. Well, he started sulking once he got home, and I guessed that he thought I'd forgotten." Her eyes glittered. "I didn't. I went to a sex shop in town and bought a few things. When Kellen came home, I had left a trail of my clothes on the floor to the bedroom, and when he got there, I was sitting on the bed in nothing but a garter belt, a corset, and one of his shirts! I gave him a little striptease, and he practically tackled me! It was so much fun!"

"Oh!" Keres breathed. "You have a lingerie collection?"

"Mmhmm!" The shorter woman nodded enthusiastically. "All sorts of different outfits and things! Why?"

"Can I see?" At Mona's curious stare, the martial artist smiled in apology. "I just love clothes - especially sexy clothes! They're my weakness! I used to stage fashion shows for my Dragon all the time." Her eyes glazed over wistfully at the memory. "He liked my cheongsam dresses the best."

Mona giggled. "Sure you can see! Come on! We'll have a little fashion show!" She stood, blue eyes sparkling in delight. Her small hands latched onto Keres' scarred one as she tugged the taller woman to her feet. "My room's this way!"

Mona led Keres down the hall and into her bedroom. The white walls were spattered with various colors of paint, and the furniture was endearingly mismatched. The woman had three dressers, all different colors and sizes and scattered with paintbrushes, picture frames, pencils, and stacks of books and canvases, a massive cherry wood wardrobe, a king-sized four-poster bed with gauzy emerald curtains, and a desk with an ancient grey PC as well as several open sketch books.

Mona ushered her friend to the antique wing-backed chair that sat by the desk, and scurried to her walk-in closet, stripping on the way. She disappeared inside, and her bra and panties flew out behind her. There was the clatter of hangers, rustling of clothes, and a quiet mutter, before Mona exited, arms crossed over her bare breasts, in nothing but a hot pink garter belt trimmed with black lace, sheer black stockings with pink heart designs and pink ribbons, and a pink-lace-trimmed black thong. She paced over to the armoire and swung it open wide, and Keres' eyes were suddenly drawn to the strange flower pattern scrolling across Mona's back. The flowers were similar to water lilies, but their silvery, pink and violet-tipped petals seemed to be spiral around the center.

"What're those?" Keres asked. Mona turned to the side, holding something made of hot pink silk, and black ribbons and lace.

"Oh, these? They're lilies. They're the flowers Lunavi, the god of the moon, made for Anvana, the goddess of the stars, while he was courting her. They represent eternal love. I got them when Kellen and I got married." She turned around, slipping the silk corset on and tightening the ribbons on the front. A soft, tender smile curled her full, pink lips, and a slight, misty look came over her vivid blue eyes. She shook her head, clearing them, and beamed brightly, holding out her arms. "Anywa-hay, how do I look?"

The brief instant of grief that passed over Mona's eyes did not go unnoticed. Keres found herself smiling sadly in empathy. People always said that time healed all wounds. But they'd be wrong. Some wounds never healed. The pain of losing a spouse never truly faded - it only got easier to live with. Even after two decades, Keres found no desire to find another love of her life. The love of her life had lived with her, shared her dreams, sired her three beautiful children, and left the world far too soon.

She could see it was the same with Desdemona Adelais.

But she'd be lying if she said the thought of her long dead husband stopped her from appreciating the very attractive view. It didn't even stop the tendril of lust that sent heat shooting all the way to her fingers and toes. Mona was a beautiful woman. Petite but curvy, with pale, damn near flawless skin and a cute heart-shaped face. Her fingers itched to touch the flesh that would no doubt be soft and smooth. And in that outfit? Guh. She looked like something out of a wet dream.

Keres blinked, realizing she'd been staring for a bit too long. A smile came to her face, though she was sure it was more a leer than anything. "You look like sex on legs! I can see why your husband tackled you, if you went around wearing something like that!" Thankfully, her longer than normal pause went unquestioned.

"Heehee!" Mona giggled, gathering her hair in her hand, baring the elegant arch of her neck, and cocking one hip - a pose that made Keres' mouth water. She turned in a slow circle, and then bounced back to face her friend. The martial artist's fingers twitched. 'Be careful, little Flower Child,' she silently purred, mahogany eyes narrowing. 'I'm not known for my restraint...'

Seemingly satisfied with her little show, the artist turned back to her armoire, her hands tugging at the ribbons on her corset. She wiggled slightly as she worked to loosen the laces, her practically bare bottom swaying in oblivious seduction.

Keres barely stifled her moan. 'Okay, that's it.' She was up and across the room in four of five long strides. Mona jumped as hands slammed onto the surface of her armoire on either side of her. But her skin broke out in gooseflesh as one of those hands came up to run calloused fingertips over her bare shoulder. "Keres?" she murmured, turning so her back was against the cool, polished wood.

"Keep it on."

The smaller woman blinked cluelessly. "Um, well... Okay! Does that mean you like it?" She gave a little skip that made her breasts bounce, and her hands suddenly flew to the top of the bustier, tugging it up over the luscious curve of her chest. She giggled. "Oops! Almost popped out there, didn't I? That wouldn't have-" Her wrists were suddenly caught in a firm grip, and pinned on either side of her head.

Keres leaned down, so close to Mona's face that they were practically sharing breath. She didn't care that she was leering at the petite woman, she had the beautiful little Flower Child right where she wanted her. "I do like it," she purred. "Very much."

Understanding suddenly dawned on Mona's face. Her eyes grew wide and round, and her far too kissable lips curved into a little "O" of realization. Then, they curled up at the corners into a tiny smile, and a devilish spark came to those unbelievably blue eyes. "Something wrong, Keres?" she asked, her lilting voice soft and low.

Keres raised a brow, intrigued by the sudden change in attitude. She was well aware Mona's sexual appetite matched her own, but it still threw her off guard to see her switch from sweetly oblivious to deviously seductive. "No, nothing's wrong at all," she said, her voice dangerously sweet. "In fact, there's quite a few things right. So right I can't contain myself." The taller woman gazed intently into clear blue eyes, searching for any possible sign of reluctance. "The question is, is there something wrong with y-"

She never got the chance to finish. Because Mona took that moment to lean up and crush her lips to Keres'. The older woman's breath hitched, her grip on the artist's wrists slackening in shock. It was all she needed. Mona slipped her hands out of the martial artist's grip, taking hold of the lapels of her leather bike jacket and pulling her closer. That snapped Keres out of her daze.

A moan was muffled by the smaller female's mouth, and her hands slid down the armoire. Keres returned the kiss eagerly, arms slithering around Mona's waist.

Oh, gods, Mona remembered this. The exquisite feeling of firm, demanding lips against hers, the thrill of hands holding her firmly, the taste of someone else on her tongue. Sweet Rozaen, how long had it been?

It didn't matter. It was all coming back. She slid her hands down to her friend's flat stomach, stroking the bronzed skin there, and her tongue delved into the moist heat of the older woman's mouth.

Oooh, her insides fairly melted. Mona herself had initiated the kiss, but Keres was quickly dominating, ravaging every single nook and cranny that her tongue could reach.

Mona broke the kiss suddenly, giggling at the older woman's soft growl of annoyance, and pressed a small kiss to the corner of her mouth. With a playful smile, she laced her fingers with the martial artist's and drew her towards the bed.

Her smile widened at the lustful gleam in Keres' eyes, accompanied by a naughty smirk. "Eeee- heeheehee!" Mona squealed as she was unceremoniously shoved back onto the bed. She giggled as she crawled back towards the pillows, watching the older woman intently as she followed after her. Keres drew in close, their breath mingling hotly. She lingered there, their lips barely a centimeter apart. She smirked as Mona dragged her down on top of her, kissing her deeply. The martial artist snickered against Mona's full lips, tongue darting out to tangle with hers.

Mona's hands were no longer satisfied with staying idle. They slid up Keres' sides, lingering for a moment on the sides of breasts before trailing up over her shoulders. Those slender hands pushed the worn leather jacket from Keres' shoulders, dragging it down as her hands moved to caress her back. Keres shrugged it off completely, barely breaking the kiss for a moment to throw it carelessly across the room.

The article hadn't even hit the floor before Mona dragged Keres down with surprising strength. Keres smirked at her eagerness and buried her face against the crook of the younger woman's neck. Mona giggled as her friend nibbled at the tender skin, then gasped when said friend's hand slid up her silk-covered stomach to cup her breast.

Keres squeezed the generous weight teasingly, and continued her assault on Mona's soft, pale skin. She ignored the petite woman's pleas for more, which she would soon regret.

'Well, not really regret...' Mona thought with a tiny giggle.

Keres uttered a high-pitched yelp as she was suddenly flipped onto her back, Desdemona straddling her hips, and her hands pinned above her head. Small hands moved swiftly and nimbly, binding her to the headboard with one of the many colorful scarves.

Mona giggled happily, clasping her hands together. "This is gonna be fun!" she exclaimed.

The martial artist gazed blankly at her bound hands before glancing at the brunette sitting astride her, smiling innocently. If this was a dire situation, Keres could have freed herself is she so desired. It was only cloth, after all. Handcuffs would have given her trouble (until she fished her lock-pick out of her collar). But... where was the fun in that?

A seductive grin slid onto Keres' face. "Oh my," she drawled sweetly. "It looks like I've been caught. I'm completely at your mercy."

"Yup!" Mona chirped, hands caressing the tight flesh of her stomach. "You're all mine!" Her fingers hooked under the slender woman's tank top, inching it up her body as she leaned over her. Mona laughed softly in her ear, the hot breath making her shiver. The petite woman took one pierced ear lobe between her lips, sucking on it lightly. The action elicited a delightful little moan and a shudder, which had Mona grinning as she pulled back.

Her mouth formed a little "o" of surprise as she dragged Keres tank top up and over her head, leaving the fabric bunched around her bound hands. "You and that student of yours! Do you even own a bra?" she teased light-heartedly.

Mahogany eyes rolled heavenward. "Yeah, but what a waste of money they are. Look how small they are! I swear the only time I actually had a bust was when I was pregnant!"

"Aww but I like them!" Mona cooed, cupping Keres' breasts and smiling when the older woman arched into the caress. "And I like this too..." She slid a finger over the flame tattoo that curled under one soft globe and trailed up, over the other towards her shoulder.

She pressed her lips to Keres' shoulder, where the tattoo began to wind towards her back, and began kissing a trail downwards, following the flame pattern. The martial artist gasped and arched when the petite brunette nipped just under the curve of her breast, suckling and biting until Keres was squirming and there was a red mark beneath her busy lips.

Mona's bright eyes had darkened to almost indigo, and her tongue flickered over the love bite, and began sliding teasingly upwards.

"Fuck!" Keres hissed, straining at her bonds when that sinful tongue circled her nipple. "Mmmnnn... C'mon, Sunshine..."

Mona giggled and closed her teeth over the delicate pink nub and tugged. The older woman bit back a whine and pushed her chest up for further inspection, which Mona readily gave. Her lips engulfed her guest's nipple, even as her nimble fingers were plucking at the button on Keres' jeans. They came open easily, and Mona shifted so that she could push them down the taller woman's thighs.

The artist paused gave the pert bud a parting lick before pulling back. Her brows shot to her hairline. "No underwear either?" she said with a kittenish smile.

"What can I say?" Keres responded flippantly. "I like to live dangerously."

Mona giggled, leaning over her captive's chest once more. "So dangerously you end up tied to my bed?"

"Mmm... I'll... admit I hadn't expected that..." the older woman's voice turned breathy as Mona's hot mouth found her other nipple. It barely lingered for more than a few seconds - a few teasing licks that had her arching eagerly into those lips. Keres watched with hungry eyes as Mona trailed teasing kisses down her stomach. A tiny moan slipped past her lips as the petite brunette dipped her tongue into her navel, gazing up at her with almost devilish blue eyes. Her anticipation grew as Mona travelled lower and lower, her breath hitching expectantly.

And then the woman slid down, latched her mouth onto Keres' inner thigh, and continued downward. The martial artist let loose a soft growl, pulling ineffectively at her restraints.

"Whassamatter, Keres?" Mona cooed, nibbling the inner side of the martial artist's knee. "Getting impatient?" Her lips latched on to her friend's thigh, nipping and sucking until a dark red mark appeared in the tanned flesh. She moved upwards onto another patch of unmarred skin, and repeated the action, grinning as she worked when Keres uttered a guttural moan and spread her legs wider.

"Don't tease me, Sunshine," she growled in warning, watching with lustful eyes as Mona's lips moved closer to where she really wanted them. The petite woman was taking her time, and it drove Keres insane.

"Oooh... But I like teasing you," the smaller woman giggled, blowing cold air over the third hickey she'd made and watching with unrestrained glee as relentless shudders wracked her well-toned body. "I always did love to watch Kellen squirm..."

Keres chuckled. "Oh, I won't squirm, Sunshine... I'll fight back..." She was so enraptured with the sweetly devilish smile on the other brunette's face, that she didn't notice those thin, nimble, artist's fingers dancing up her other thigh, until one thumb trailed teasingly up her slit.

Keres' entire body jolted in shocked pleasure at the action, her feet sliding uselessly on the bed as her hips rocked forward. "F-Fuck..." the older of the pair gasped, starting to squirm despite her confident words.

Mona giggled, propping her chin on her hand as she laid between her friend's legs. Her feet kicked idly as she barely caressed Keres' folds, her smile equal parts innocent and devious in such a way that should be illegalwhen she was doing such things to her. "You're so wet already," the brunette purred, her smile taking on a teasing curve. "Been a while?"

The martial artist laughed breathlessly. "N-Nnnot since... Daiki..."

"Oooohh, so you won't last long then?" Mona twittered. "Well, that's all right. We'll still have fun."

Keres was going to ask a question, but it was answered before it had even begun to form on her lips. Mona had deserted the space between her legs, and had disappeared between the gauzy green curtains. All Keres could see of the petite woman was her curvaceous silhouette as she rummaged through her bedside table. When she slipped through the curtains once more, her hands were behind her back, and a devilish smile curved her sensuous mouth.

"I hope you like toys, Ker," she purred, holding up a pink vibrator.

Mahogany eyes widened at the sight of the toy, the mixed expression of dread and excitement on her face so utterly comical that Mona couldn't stop the laugh that bubbled up her throat. She climbed back onto the bed, kneeling between the taller woman's legs. The sight of Keres Patroclos staring at her with hooded, darkened eyes and her slim body tense with anticipation had a throbbing ache flaring between Mona's thighs. She was completely at Mona's mercy. Or would be, at least, in the next few minutes.

Keres shivered as she watched her tormentor, unconsciously licking her lips as the brunette tapped the end of the vibrator pensively against her lips. Mona's heart-shaped face was drawn in the cutest expression of concentration - her full lips pouting slightly, her eyes narrowed in thought. But it only proved her fears. She was going to be tortured with that toy.

Even so, she bucked eagerly when it touched her core, the smooth surface just cool enough to give her chills. Mona hadn't even touched the power switch yet, perfectly content to brush the toy along her, giggling as Keres began to twitch and squirm after a few minutes. Once it was nice and slick, the brunette smiled, and pressed the tapered end to her clit. She pressed the power button with a soft click.

"Fuck!" Keres hissed, jumping at the sudden wave of pleasure. Her hips rocked, unsure of whether to press forward into the gentle vibrations or squirm away.

Mona giggled, the devious imp. "This is only the lowest setting! We have so much more fun ahead of us."

Keres gave a ragged moan and finally made the decision to buck her hips into the toy, which pressed harder to her clit as a result. Mona twittered happily and slid it lower, pressing just barely to the older woman's entrance. She waited for the martial artist's sharp intake of breath before she pushed it gently inside, then withdrew it teasingly and brought it back up to the slippery bud of her clit. Each time Keres' hips arched up into the toy, Mona drew it away from her center with a devious little giggle. That half-sweet, half-predatory look on her face should have been illegal in its cuteness, and Keres almost fainted when the smaller woman switched it off and brought the vibrator to her lips, lapping up the fluid shining on the tip.

"It's so cute when you moan like that, Ker-Ker," Mona murmured, suckling the tip of the toy almost pensively. She giggled as Keres' eyebrow twitched at the too-cute nickname. "I'm going to have so much fun playing with you until you scream..."

Keres smirked. 'We'll see who's gonna scream first, Sunshine...' she thought, subtly testing the strength of her bonds.

She forced herself to endure the teasing as Mona returned to torturing her with the vibrator. Keres tried to keep her mind, using each squirm to disguise the twisting of her wrists to loosen the knots. It certainly wasn't easy. The assault of pleasure made her brain functions sizzle to a halt. But she got it, finally. Keres licked her lips, eyes narrowing as she anticipated her strike.

Mona couldn't help but giggle at the annoyed glare being shot her way. She waved the toy idly, perhaps even a bit mockingly, as she contemplated how next to torture her victim. Her smile abruptly faded as a devil's grin broke through Keres' mask of annoyance. Mona's confused hum became a gasp as strong legs cinched around her waist. The brunette didn't even have time to squeak as she suddenly found herself lying on the bed, staring up at the wickedly grinning face of Keres Patroclos. Her hands were captured, the cool sensation of silken fabric making her snap back to reality. Keres deftly slid the binding scarves onto Mona's petite wrists, tightening the knots before the woman even had the chance to struggle.

The martial artist sat back, straddling those delightfully curvy hips, and took the still-buzzing vibe from her friend's hands. "My turn, Sunshine," she purred ominously.

Mona swallowed, gazing up at Keres with wide, blue eyes. Her tongue flickered out to moisten her lips, and, when she spoke, her voice came out much shakier than she intended. "Wh-what are you going to do with me?" she murmured, lowering her eyelashes coyly.

Keres smirked and turned off the vibe. She placed the toy, slick with her own fluids as well as Mona's saliva, against her lips. "Hm... I could tease you until you feel like you're going to burst... Or I could fuck you hard with this toy until you scream for me to stop... Which one do you prefer?"

To be quite honest, both ideas seemed almost unbearably appealing to the petite brunette, who squirmed ineffectually in her bonds. She whimpered low in her throat as Keres idly tossed the toy from hand to hand.

"Oh?" the martial artist hummed, arching a brow and smirking deviously. "You can't be gettin' impatient already, Sunshine. The real fun hasn't even begun." With that, Keres set aside the toy and leaned over Mona's prone form, trailing her hands over the younger woman's luscious curves. Her fingers slid almost lazily up to the lacy satin hiding Mona's breasts, and lightly tugged the ribbons holding the bustier closed. "Shall we do away with this then?"

Mona arched her back, offering herself wantonly to the older brunette with a quiet moan.

"So eager," Keres teased, gently pulling at the soft ribbon. Just to toy with her "prey" a bit more, she made sure to take her sweet time in pulling the knot loose. She snickered as the captive woman moaned and writhed helplessly, ignoring her silent pleas and methodically loosening the ties that held the corset shut.

Mona whined low in her throat, arching and squirming until the bustier finally fell open. She sighed as her breasts were freed, tingling and almost aching for attention. The garment was pulled out from underneath her and tossed carelessly across the room. Keres purred at the sight of her so prone and exposed on the sheets. She lifted her hand, fingers brushing over the petite brunette's racing pulse and drifting slowly down over her collarbone. Mona whimpered as those scarred and calloused hands finally reached her chest, arching up into the too-soft caress.

"Heh." Keres gave her what she wanted, cupping the generous weight of the brunette's breasts in her hands. They were soft and warm against her palm, and she smiled to see gooseflesh erupt as she brushed Mona's nipples with her thumbs.

"Nooo..." Mona mewled in denial as those hands left her just as quickly. They continued downwards, teasing the quivering flesh of her stomach as they trailed down to her hips.

"So, so pretty," the older woman murmured, caressing the dark stockings. "I do love these." They contrasted so nicely with Mona's pale flesh. "But..." Keres reached up to hook her fingers around the hem of her captive's skimpy underwear. "This'll have to go."

"Yes, yes, yessss," Mona whimpered, raising her hips away from the bed. "Pleasepleaseplease!"

Keres smirked and brought her other hand to the other woman's center, rubbing her roughly through her underwear. Mona arched and gave a high, keening cry, bucking eagerly into the touch.

"It's been a while for you too, huh?" Keres leered, rubbing harder at the damp satin of Mona's thong.

Mona mewled desperately, her legs trembling. Keres smirked and finally gave in to the younger woman's incoherent pleas and slid the thong down her shapely legs and tossed them aside, leaving her in nothing but her garters and the scarf tying her to the headboard. Keres sat back and raked Mona's body with a gaze so hungry and intense that the younger woman could almost feel its heat against her skin.

Her heart-shaped face was flushed, her large eyes hooded and darkened with lust, her arms stretched above her head. Her ample chest was heaving with each breath, her legs splayed open, silently begging for Keres to touch her. The martial artist grinned devilishly at the smaller brunette, who bit down on her full lower lip and arched her hips, bracing her feet on the lush mattress and blatantly offering herself to her companion.

"K-Keres..." she moaned plaintively, trembling as the older woman brought one long, callused finger to her tender folds, parting them and gently massaging her clit. Mona cried out again, eyes closing blissfully. A soft whimper left her lips as she rocked against the finger teasing her.

"M-more..." she breathed. Keres smirked evilly and drew back, and the petite brunette uttered a sharp sound of displeasure.

Keres picked up the vibrator from where it had lain, abandoned, on the bedspread, and held it up for Mona to see. "You didn't really think it'd be that easy, did you?"

Mona stilled at the sight of the familiar pink toy. Her breathing hitched and her eyes went wide as Keres played with the settings for a few moments. The near-demonic smile never faltered for an instant. The curvy brunette didn't even dare to breathe as the older woman trailed the gently vibrating toy along her inner thigh. The slick rubber tip teased its way up to her throbbing clit, making her jump with a high-pitched moan.

"How's that?" Keres purred, leering as she pressed the vibrator harder into the slick bud. "That what you wanted, Sunshine?"

"Nnnn- a-ahhh!" Mona wailed, squirming on the bed. The vibrations sent heat shooting through every nerve and it was so wonderful! "Y-Yesss!" Her head lolled back on the bed, her hips rocking insistently into the toy. It felt so good to finally have some relief, but Mona quickly found that it wasn't enough. The demon above her suddenly let up on the excruciating pressure, giving her a moment to breathe. Blue eyes snapped to the smirking woman kneeling between her thighs. She barely had an instant to start squirming in need before the jolting sensation of the vibe returned.

Keres continued like this, for how long, Mona wasn't sure. All she knew was that each lull in pleasure seemed to last for eternity, and its return was so intense that she nearly screamed. It was torture of the most pleasurable kind.

"K-Ker!" she gasped finally, her voice pitched high. "Please- please!"

Keres bit back a moan at the sound of the smaller woman's needy, desperate cries, her eyes hungrily devouring the sight of her deliciously curvaceous form writhing and squirming against the sheets. The little artist's eyes were squeezed close, her full lips parted in a near-scream of intense pleasure as the vibrator was pushed harder against her clit.

"Kereeees!" she wailed, hips bucking wildly against the toy. "P-please! C-can't t-take... please!"

Keres gasped and slithered down further between Mona's legs, sliding the toy down to her entrance while her fingers came up to tease the throbbing pink flesh.

"You're so cute," Keres breathed, kissing Mona's inner thigh as she slowly began pushing the toy into the younger woman. "You make the most adorable noises... And you're so wet... I've got to have a taste..."

"Yes... please..." Mona whimpered, gazing dazedly between her legs at the martial artist. Her entire body was trembling, the muscles in her stomach jumping and twitching as her body reacted to the too-wonderful sensations of the toy as it vibrated gently inside her. Keres smirk and nibbled at the junction of Mona's thigh, before parting her folds with her fingers and gently lapping up her fluids.

She tasted just as lovely as Keres knew she would. Somehow sweet, and somehow salty, and just plain addicting. The martial artist hummed in delight and eagerly tongued Mona's soft, heated folds more firmly. She loved the breathy, feverish moans that she was rewarded with. The brunette was squirming and bucking under her, trying to send the toy deeper. Keres obliged, pushing the pink vibrator further into her. "Yesss!" Mona's head tipped back, her mouth dropping open as the soft vibrations soothed the ache of emptiness.

"Ker... Ker!" The younger woman tugged reflexively against the scarves restraining her as Keres began to fuck her with the toy, arching nearly off the bed when that sinful tongue slid up to touch her clit. The barest hint of a chuckle against her over-sensitized flesh had her keening loudly, shivers wracking her taut form.

"Harder!" she gasped, her voice raspy from overuse. "Pl-eaaassee! H- aaahhn! Harder!"

"Gods, you sound so sexy," Keres purred, flicking her tongue over the swollen bud of the woman's clit. The pretty wails and moans were so, so lovely. Keres could feel her own fluids starting to drip down her thighs, she was so aroused. She wanted to hear more. So she obeyed, and flicked the vibe setting to high, before plunging it into her squirming captive with vigor.

Keres gave a purely evil, gleeful little laugh as Mona arched again and squealed in bliss. She began to writhe and squirm desperately, he legs trembling and her entire body shaking mercilessly. She was going to snap soon, and it was going to be beautiful, of that Keres was sure.

And, damn, was she right. She took the younger woman's swollen bud between her lips, suckling and putting the barest amount of pressure on it with her teeth, and pushed the toy in just a little further, and the petite brunette gave a harsh, keening scream of bliss, and a harsh shudder wracked her curvaceous form. Her body tensed, and her eyes squeezed shut, and oh, Keres was so wet now.

"Ker- Kereeees!" the artist wailed.

But Keres didn't stop fucking her with the toy, and Mona continued to wail and scream as her orgasm was made even more intense. She didn't stop until the smaller woman was trembling weakly and thrashing in her bonds, the screams becoming sobs of over sensitized pleasure. "K-K-Ker...!" she whimpered, her entire body trembling. "No m-more!" Her voice was a pleading whine, so sweet and sensual.

Keres obeyed, snickering as she switched off the vibe and slid it gently out of the brunette's dripping entrance. Mona collapsed back onto the bed, panting raggedly and squirming in relief. Her head lolled against the pillow, her sweat dampened hair clinging to her cheek and neck. Keres grinned, bringing the abandoned toy up to her lips and tasting the sweet fluids covering it. She couldn't help herself - she dropped the pink vibrator back to the bed, and settled back between Mona's trembling legs.

The petite woman's blue eyes, which had fallen to half-mast in sated bliss, shot open wide as the slick, firm sensation of Keres' tongue laved her heated mound. "Nnnggaahh!" she arched, hips trying to writhe away from the touch. Intense, almost painful pleasure rocketed through every nerve, and all she could do was beg for mercy while the older woman methodically licked her clean.

"K-Keeer..." she whimpered brokenly, her voice ragged and broken. "P-please... C-can't... Can't take anym-more..." She was too limp and boneless to do more than tremble with the effort not to pass out under her friend's ministrations. She was on the verge of breaking.

Thankfully, the martial artist took mercy on her and began lapping the wetness from Mona's quivering thighs. Her mahogany eyes stared at the younger woman hungrily over the heaving swell of her full chest, her face flushed and her soft blue eyes cloudy and distant.

"Keres..." she murmured, struggling feebly in her bonds. "Un... Untie m-me... A-and kiss... kiss me... Please...?"

Keres almost refused her. Her urge to tease and torture her sated victim was strong, but the last breathy plea changed her mind. In a shocking show of obedience, the older brunette crawled up Mona's body, dragging her lips along her flushed, heated skin as she went. She draped herself over the trembling, flushed form beneath her, humming at the exquisite press of flesh on flesh. The artist eagerly lifted her head, moaning breathily and silently begging to be released.

Keres gave her the last of her requests easily. She dipped her head and captured Mona's swollen, slick lips with her own. She almost smirked at the shiver that went through the smaller woman's body. Mona panted into the kiss, making it oh-so-easy for Keres to deepen it and all but ravish her mouth. She was kissed until she was light-headed and weak from pleasure.

It was only when Mona was so distracted and helpless that Keres thought to creep her hands up to the scarves binding her and stealthily undo the knots.

The younger woman's wrists fell against the headboard as she breathlessly kissed Keres, eyes sliding closed in pleasure and exhaustion. At last, she felt she could move them, though they were heavy and tingling. She draped them loosely over the martial artist's shoulder, pulling her closer.

The petite brunette lifted one leg suddenly, and pressed it against her companion's aching, wet core, pulling back from the kiss as Keres gasped and bucked against her thigh.

"Wanna taste you now," she murmured breathily. "Wanna make you come..."

Keres didn't hesitate to grab the smaller woman around the waist and roll them over. The time for teasing had passed. She needed to come. It was the only thing that was on her mind - she was practically aching for it. And she swore if Mona didn't do it quick, she'd reach down and do it herself!

But luckily, Mona didn't seem to have any thoughts of teasing either. Her heavy-lidded sapphire eyes twinkled happily up at Keres, her lips pulled into a lazy smile. She slid down between the woman's tanned, slim legs, nibbling at her defined hipbone for a moment before dipping down to where Keres needed her most. The delicate lick to her clit made Keres gasp and arch wantonly. Mona smiled. The older woman was so, so slick and just as needy. Long, slender fingers tangled in her thick chestnut hair, trembling from suppressed need.

"Please," Keres choked, long past caring about pride. She'd beg for it, if it got her what she needed.

Mona didn't disappoint. She slid one finger between the older woman's tender folds, parting them, and delved her tongue into the slick heat. She couldn't get enough of Keres' taste. It was salty-sweet and addicting, and her loud, wanton moans of ecstasy and delight made it even better.

She twirled and curled her tongue eagerly, burying her lips against the martial artist's core and making soft, happy noises against the heated flesh. The vibrations made Keres' toes curl, and her back arched, gasping for breath against the onslaught of raw, carnal pleasure.

Just when she thought it couldn't get better, the naughty little goddess between her legs pushed two fingers into her and crooked them just so.

Keres eyes rolled back, her mouth dropping open in a soundless scream that took her by surprise. Her fingers spasmed in Mona's hair, tangling further. "Again!" she keened, rocking her hips desperately. The pleasure from that single touch was still crackling over her nerves and oh god she was so close.

Mona was all too happy to obey. Her lips closed around the swollen bud of her clit, tongue flicking maddeningly over it as she pressed her fingers to that wonderful spot again. A wail cut through the air as Keres' back bowed, her body going stiff and trembling in ecstasy. The artist mercilessly continued her assault, wanting to give her friend the most intense orgasm she could. It was only when Keres collapsed bonelessly onto the sheets that Mona stopped, sliding her tongue along her core and lapping up her sweet juices.

"Nngh," Keres whimpered tiredly. "N'more..."

In spite of the weak protests, Mona didn't waste a drop of the precious fluids, licking and suckling the remnants of the martial artist's orgasm from every inch of her tender, oh-so-sensitive flesh.

At last, much to the taller brunette's relief, Mona stopped, squirming and crawling up her body to sprawl out, exhausted, on her chest. Her blue eyes were nearly closed, her lips parted slightly.

"That... was fun," she murmured, burying her lips into the hollow of Keres' throat.

Keres snickered. "Yeah, it was," she agreed, lazily looping an arm around the smaller female. Mona almost purred at the casual show of affection. Scarred fingertips traced lazy circles over her back. It was a quiet, sleepy moment that gave the perfect end to rigorous sex. There was no instance of awkward silence. No internal questioning of "What now?" Just... relaxation.

That suited the pair of them far better, to be honest.

"You gonna stay?" the curvy brunette murmured.

"Heh. I don't think I could move anyway." They both grinned at the admission.

"Good." Mona shifted, snuggling against her companion and settling down for a relaxing doze. This had been the perfect remedy to a boring day.

Kendall pulled his precious Mustang into the drive later that evening, quirking a brow at the unfamiliar motorcycle parked at the end. He didn't give it too much thought as he parked his sports car and hopped out. He hadn't expected to come back tonight, but Sammy had told him he had an exam coming up, and Kenny had decided to let him study in peace. It wasn't a big deal. He could always go back the next morning.

The house was quiet as the pink-haired mechanic stepped inside. Which was odd. The motorcycle should have meant his mother had a visitor. The sound of a running shower reached his ears as he walked further in. Confused, Kendall called out. "Mom...? Mo-" His voice got barricaded in his throat as he gasped. And gaped.

A naked Keres Patroclos had just crossed his path.

Bafflingly unconcerned with her nudity, the martial artist strode towards the kitchen, humming under her breath. Kendall blinked, and found the image of the woman's slim, scarred form seemed to be burned into his eyelids. He sputtered, a loud curse failing to leave his lips. Keres looked over at him, and smirked. "'Ello, Kenny-boy!" she chimed, appearing more delighted with his reaction than should be legal.

"I-You- You- what- Where's mom?" He found it was the only question his mind could cling to, rather than the more obvious one of: 'WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU NAKED IN OUR HOUSE?'

If possible, the woman's grin got sharper and more devilish. It was only then that he noticed the red mark on her shoulder. A hickey. It was actually one of quite a few that dotted her nude form.

"She's in the shower."

Kendall was silent. He blinked, nodded, and promptly spun on heel and walked back towards the door. He felt like his brain had just exploded.

Sammy would just have to put up with him while he studied.