This place is not the place they want us to think it is. This place is filled with masks, voids, holes big enough to lose yourself in. That's what I did. I got lost. I lost reality, I lost myself, or so they said. I didn't agree. I finally saw things for what they were. Bleak, dark, lies. No one would believe me. They thought that I was crazy. I'm not crazy. Everyone turned their backs on me - on the truth. They turned smiling at the lies. In all fairness to them, they thought the lies were truth. At the time, I didn't see it. I wanted to jump at them. Scream. I wanted, no needed, them to see. This is not the Eden it is proclaimed to be. This is not a place to start over.

This is a place to die.

This is a place where you disappear piece by piece, so slowly that you don't notice it. Slowly you slip under, slip away. Always smiling at the lies! They still call me crazy, because I try to tell them. I tell them that we will die here. We will get tangled in this angry lying web, and we won't be able to get out. In the end, we will not smile. Eden will end! We will not smile! We will not live forever. In the end we realize what we believe was not the truth. That we were fooled, that this place is not here to help, but to hurt. They will see it, yes, but they will see it too late. I can try to tell them. They won't listen, though. They will call me crazy. In their final moments, when they can no longer smile, they will know that this is not what it seems to be.

And yet, they will still call it wonderland.