Fake Life

"Is that really you, is it possible" Stuttered my astonished mom.

"Yes it is" I said a grin spread across my face, showing the tips of my fangs. My parents winced at the sight of my teeth but didn't dare to back away

"But how?" Stuttered my dad. Even for a man he had to use the wall to help him stay standing. I couldn't help but laugh under my breath.

"It has been a while since you seen your daughter now hasn't" I said and laughed at my to frightened parents. I was finally here in my home surrounded by the people I loved, but the only problem was did all off them love me back…

Chapter 1

"Silver no!" screamed a voice that sound so familiar like I had heard it before but, before I could say or stop anything a scene flashed before me.

Everything was red and there I was in the arms of a woman and a man as they stared down at me with gleaming smiles among there faces . It was raining outside, they both wore a rain coat and I was wrapped in a tiny baby blue blanket. They admired me for a bit than shared a passionate kiss. "What am I doing in there arms" I thought. But before I could see what happened everything changed.

I was looking out the eye's of my own, seeing the man and woman that had once held me on the ground dead. A pool of blood surrounding there now pale bodies. Finally the dream ended with me opening my eye's and hitting my head.

"Owe" I cried rubbing my throbbing forehead

Perspiration slid down my cheek and with a quick movement of my hand I wiped in away. I peered out of my bed, as my golden eye's looked around my cluttered room. It was darker than the night itself but yet I was still able to see my way through it. My sister and not even my own parents understood how I did it.

I yawned and hopped out of bed, closing the lid behind me and snapping it shut with a secret code so my sister couldn't mess with my stuff I had hid very carefully. My feet barely made a sound on the cold cement floor as I made my way swiftly across my room toward my closet. There I chose a pair of cloths out for today at school.

I made my way out the door to my room and walked down the long corridor passing by my families room. I went up the solid stairs and stepped into the kitchen where my family was always busy with there morning duties.

My mom was cooking us up something sweet. I could tell my the smell that invaded my nostrils and how she had grabbed the chocolate sprinkles from the top cupboard. I looked over to my dad, as usual he was reading a news paper with the head lines "Kid Found Dead In a Garbage can". He was continuing to read it as he sipped his coffee, which was usual made with some different kinds of animal blood for creamer. When I looked over to my sister, Samantha, she was as usual cramming for a test. Realizing that no had heard me I couldn't help but grin.

"Good morning!" I sang at the top of my lungs. My mom dropped the chocolate sprinkles, my sister scream like she was giving birth to another her, and my dad accidentally spilled coffee on his pants which now look like he wet himself. He used his news paper trying to cool it off as he danced around like a monkey at the zoo.

"Silver, I am sorry we didn't her you come in" Said my mom as she hurried over to help my monkey, dancing dad.

"Yah honey, we didn't here you sorry about that" Agreed dad and then asked politely "Next time could you make a little more noise?"

"She never makes a sound that is why you never really notice when she is there" Snickered Samantha referring to the time I had listened in on her conversation with a friend about who she had a crush on, still to this day I use it against her. She glared at me with her blue eye's, I just looked at her and she winced as I made my eye's changed to a velvet color. She crossed her arms and turned away from me, her face showing she was pouting.

"Samantha, quiet teasing your sister" Intervened my mom. She gave Samantha a cold glare and then went back to help my father. They walked out of the kitchen to the bathroom.

"You know, I don't know why you are in this family" Said Samantha. This was her normal way of trying to get back at me, but it never really actually bothered me.

"Might as well stop saying that, your just jealous that your little sister is better than you" I said a grin came across my face. I walked over and started where mom had left off.

"I mean it Silver it is not like you are actually…" Said Samantha when she was cut off.

"Samantha, get your bag and get ready for school" Said a sharp piercing voice. I looked over to see mom, her face was redder than normal as she grabbed Samantha and dragged her out of the room.

"Well that was unusual" I thought, but ignored it. I grabbed my bag for night school and headed out. We were attending night school because of Samantha's reaction to sun when it touches her, but as for me it didn't do thing. Nobody really had understood what was wrong with me, but I did in some strange reason. I pushed the thought out of my head and pulled my long silver hair out of my face. It whipped across my back, the tips almost reaching the bottom.

When I finally made it to school I was greeted by my friends, Jasmine, Jessica, Yasmine, Jade and Dona. Each of them were different in a way like me and that was why we got along so well. I turned around just in time to me caught in a kiss my boyfriend, Jaeger.

"So how did you sleep last night, are you still having those bad dreams?" He asked warily.

Jaeger and I had been going out for a millennia, which was longer than most couples would be together. Jaeger was a foot taller than me(Which is pretty damn tall), and his hairs was silver like mine. It was just unevenly cut to his shoulders to make him look like his own gender. For him his skin was a little lighter than mine when it came to paleness and he was born with two different colored eye's. One was blue and one was green giving him that scary look, which was one of the traits I had loved about him.

"Yah, I had another last night but once again I woke up before I really figured out what it was about" I replied.

"The fifth time this week Silver, are you sure you shouldn't tell your parents" Said Jasmine in a stern voice.

"They think I am weird enough, I don't need them taking me a doctor" I said giving her an irritated look.

"Well what are you going to do about them, you know you just cant ignore them forever" Said Yasmine. She gave me a concerned look and a gentle smile.

Yasmine was a very sweet girl unlike most of us and wouldn't hurt something or some one unless needed to. She was always up to something that helped some how, on her free time from that though she was quite the artist with anything you put in front of her.

"Don't worry, I could make her one of those dream charms for her to wear at night, no big deal" Said Done from the side lines. She was laying upside down on the black, brick wall of the school.

"Sure, go ahead and do that Dona" I said with a smirk. She was about to argue when the annoying voice of my sister interrupted her.

"There is my weirdo sister, and her friends that go along with her" She said. I turned to her with a pleasant smile.

"Well for your information, I don't think my weird friend Dona liked being interrupted" I said.

I couldn't help but grin as Dona appeared behind her from a black cloud of smoke. She simple grabbed my so called sister and tossed her half away across the play ground. Her friends gasp and ran off to go help her, our group burst out laugh.

"They are truly pathetic" I said giving Dona fist five.

"I still don't understand how you are even related to your family" Said Done with a smirk.

"Trust me I ask that every day when my dad dances around like a monkey, who looks like he wets his pants" I said patting her on the shoulder. She raised her eye brow and shook her head.

The bell rang it's normal jingle, as we made our way into school and to our first class. I walked into the room and slid into my seat. I watch as some of the other kids got jumped by the bullies of the school including my sister.

"Aright class calm down and take your seats" Said Mr. Van "We are going to try meditating today, so follow me outside" He said

He grabbed some health vial's and continued on his way outside to the cliff plat form. We followed in a crowded group and finally made it out there to him. He gave us a long lecture about what was to happen. We had studied meditating for what had seemed like days but finally we were here about to start it.

"Ok, now who would like to go first?" He asked searching the group. "Samantha, please come up and demonstrate"

The whole class started mumbling. My sister may have been old but she sucked at her classes and that was why she had been pulled down to my level. I would have gone up a level but my parents wouldn't let me. They had said that it would be rude to my sister, like I had given a crap what she thought.

I looked up to watch and see my sister embarrass herself as she made her way to the cliff. She looked like she was having a hard time remembering the first part of it. Maybe that was what she was studying at the table when I had come in and scared them.

"Is there something wrong Samantha?" Asked the teacher raising a brow. "You did say you studied it" He said

"Yah, crammed it in her head at breakfast" I yelled and the class burst into laughter.

My sister's cheeks went a hot pink as she ran across the platform. Every one laughed at her as they watched her go, behind her Mr. Van followed. Everyone got up and practiced on there own but I had already got it done and was working on the disappearing act.

"Silver, you are going to get in trouble with that" Said Jessica

"I know" I said

I looked over to see her shrug and join me. We tried it on each other a couple of times and on objects around us. Soon enough we learned the trick in an instant and messed with some of the mediating students.

"Alright, class is dismissed" Said Mr. Van interrupting us.

I walked to the next class, a grin from ear to ear on my face. "Stupid sisters, I will show her to mess with me when we get home" I couldn't help smile at that thought but then sighed as I walked into the next class room, history. Classes kept going by as I went from each one to another and soon enough I was outside waiting for my slow poke sister. Who had apparently decided to take her time.

"Stupid sister, she needs to hurry up" I grumbled to myself.

"Sister coming out late again?" Asked a smooth voice. I turned to see Jaeger striding over to me and joining me at my side. "You know you could pull a prank on her for doing this to you, again" He suggest.

And that got me thinking. When my sister was mad at me for embarrassing her in front of the class she would come out late so that I didn't have time to spend with Jaeger, but usual I got to anyway.

"Sure, we could jump her like we did that one time" I said laughing, it was still a funny memory from last year.

"Oh, yah when I jacked her for something she won in school" Said Jaeger

"Yah she couldn't believe it made it home, and my parents were so proud of her and everything, she was so confused after that" I said and added "But these days all she will be earning is days in summer school"

"Isn't that her right there" asked Jaeger raising an eye brow.

I looked over and seen my sister being walked out of the school with a guy, Trevor. Trevor was a bad boy and would go after girls for one thing and one thing only, sex. That was why I had always avoided him, but now he had my sister. I knew she wasn't very smart when it came to guys I had always had to get her out of these situations.

"He better stay away from her before I rip him limb form limb" I growled and jumped beside her.

"Silver what are you doing here I thought you would have already left with your boyfriend" Said Samantha nervously. She gave me that go away glare than turned her attention back to Trevor.

"Sure, I will go home alright" I said and backed off back to Jaeger.

"Aren't you going to do anything?" He asked me.

"No, but my parents will" I said and we both grinned and took off for my house.

We past the neighbor hoods of many sleeping people, except for the ones that decided to stay up late on the phone or cramming for a test that was going to be due. We had a while till the sun started to rise which would give me and Jaeger time together.

"What will your parents do when they find out?" Asked Jaeger, speaking of the situation with Samantha.

"Most likely ground her, why do you care?" I asked. He usual didn't care for my sister and when he did there was always a reason for it.

"Well I was just wondering there standards for, dating" He said

"They don't care that we are going out just as long as we don't have sex" I said and he blushed at the last word. "Besides" I continued "We have been going out for a long time so they would expect that"

"Oh, ok" he said nervously

"Don't worry Jaeger my parents like you, they think you are a good example of a boyfriend" I said and I could see he couldn't help but smile.

We finally made it to my house where we were welcomed by the smell of chicken, with gravy blood. Once in a while we were able to put stuff in it but my mom just seasoned it which was good enough. I walked down the hall, Jaeger following me an, we tossed our bags into my rooms. Then walking back up and into the kitchen.

"Hey honey, and Jaeger" Said my mom walking into the room. She gave Jaeger a heart warming smile then turned to the food. I could see Jaeger a little nervous and his cheeks were a light pink.

"Hey mom" I said

"So how as your day?" She asked

"Good, learned a lot of new things" I said

"That's cool, by chance did you remember to wait for your sister" She asked already knowing the answer but for once I was going to prove her wrong.

"Yah, I did but she was to occupied with a boy she was with. I think she might of even left with him" I said trying to hold back a grin that threatened to appear across my face.

"She what!" growled my mom.

She dropped the kitchen knife, that she was using to chop the chicken. It made a clattering sound as it hit the counter, leaving a stain where it had touched the chicken. With a furious turn she whipped around to look at me. Her eye's where glowing with rage, that continued to build up second by second, yet still I didn't feel the least bit sorry for my sister.

"Did you at least try to stop her?" She asked me. I could hear part of her demon inside her.

"Of course mom, but you know Samantha and me don't get along well. She didn't want to listen to me and said go away" I said innocently, giving her my puppy dog eye's.

"Silver I will be back, I believe that you and Jaeger will behave, right" She said grabbing her coat off the rack.

"Of course mom" I said.

I watched her walk out of the house slamming the door behind her. Jaeger and I shared grins, than I walked back over to where she had been working on the chicken. Picking up where she left off and than finishing, I made a plate for every one including Jaeger.

"Thank you for dinner, Mrs. Rim" Said Jaeger coming up behind me, placing his plate in the sink.

"No problem Mr. Rim" I said teasingly.

Rim was Jaeger's last name and we always called each other that, because that is how close we felt. We were always playing family with each other hoping it could be real sometimes, but we had never gone to far. My mom thought it was pretty cute, how we did things and she was glad Jaeger was in my life, but as a boy she kept an eye on him. Over the weeks she had stopped bothering to watch us and considered him a part of the family. We were together longer than most would last in a relationship, I was always proud to say so. We were coming up here soon on our second millennia anniversary.

"You know, you play the perfect house wife" He said kissing me cheek. He stepped beside me and started rinsing and drying the dishes I washed.

"I know I do, but we have a long ways before that" I said "Besides I have other dreams than being cooped up in a house" I remarked

"Of course you do, and I wouldn't expect anything else" He said "Silver, I would never keep you from your dreams, but yet help you reach them" He said

"Well that's good, otherwise we were going to have an issue" Said my dad stepping into the house and hanging his coat. "I smell dinner" He said and I handed him a plate.

"So how was work?" I asked

"Good, there was a lot of papers to take care of again but other than that I am glad I survived" He said and then asked "And how was your guys day?"

I would have answered it wasn't for a loud bang from the door. We turned to see my mom holding Samantha by the ear, and was dragging her in. Her face was stern, I could tell they had went at by the cut down my moms arms and the deep stab wound in my sister. I didn't really bother to worry about those they would heel in a short amount of time.

"Honey, what is going on?" Asked my dad worried. His gaze went from mom the dropped down to Samantha.

She had her head down and didn't bother to look up at her dad, who was confused. "Well this is it, she is going to get what was coming to her" I thought.

"Samantha, why don't you explain to your dad what is going on" Said mom then to me "Honey do you mind going to your room with Jaeger, I can trust you" She said the last part mostly directed at Samantha.

"Yes of course" I said. "Come, Jaeger"

We walked along slowly trying to get a little but of the yelling but was disappointed that we didn't hear any, but instead heard my parents talking in a calm voice. Jaeger and I made it down the long corridor hall to my room and stepped in.

Unlike most people, Jaeger could see my room in dark and light. We had a lot in common with our powers but my a little more extreme. I jumped over a couple of stuff that stuck out in my way and sat down on my bed and was soon enough joined by Jaeger.

"You really need to clean you room" He said looking around.

"Please, your going to start sounding like my dad" I said with a chuckle.

I got up and went to a spell book I had on a shelf that was to the right of my room. There I searched through it, to find a way to clean my room which was quite hard since there was rarely any. When I finally did find one I simple recited it, making my room nice and clean. I stuck the book back on the shelf and turned back to Jaeger.

"Now what were you saying about a dirty room" I said

"Well I think you took care of that problem quite well" He said walking over to me and steeling a kiss.

"So what do you want to do for the time we have left, I know your dad wants you home to help with some house work. Aren't you guys like rebuilding your mom's dream kitchen" I said

"Yah, well I have been thinking about something we could work on" He said

"And what is that, blowing things up while looking at them" I said

"NO even better, it will allow us to talk to each other in out minds when we want to. The only problem is that the person who is talking to you has to be aloud to be in you mind" He replied

"So what you are saying is you know a mind trick we can use to talk to each other but the person you want to talk to has to agree and open there mind to you" I said putting it in easier terms.

"Pretty much, come on let give it a try" He said and added "We are going to make up a word to use that we can say in our mind to let the other person know we want to talk he said.

I nodded and grabbed the book that would most likely have that spell and we sat down. I lit some candles around us that illuminated the room with a bright fiery light. It made the room smell of green apple, one of Jaeger's favorite smells. Than we sat down and got ready to do the spell. I laid the book in front of us so we could both read the instruction's.

"Are you ready" He asked and I nodded. "Ok, so what word do you want to use for when we go into each others mind. Remember whatever you chose can only work between us and not anyone else"

"I know, but I want a word that we will both like, not just me" I replied thinking hard. "How about silver and black" I suggested.

"Our favorite color's, nicely done" He commented

He started the spell by whispering a single chant, then there was nothing. I thought that it hadn't worked and was about to say something when I felt something. It was a push, like it was trying to get into my head so I let it in.

"Well I think it sure did work, what about you?" Asked Jaeger. His smooth voice ran through my mind and I gazed at him with a bright smile.

"Yes, I see it has worked" I replied

"Well now we know our conversation's can be private" I couldn't help but laugh.

"And, now we can talk to each other whenever we please" He said aloud.

We both locked our minds for the moment and I had to say good bye to Jaeger, for it was getting late and the sun was coming out. I slipped into my bed early not bothering to go up and tell my parents, yet instead decided to let them cool down. They had enough going on today and they didn't need me bugging them.

That night I had the same dream but this time it was from a different point of view. I still had yet to understand what it meant and why it kept bugging me. I woke up again early as usual, I yawned and went up stairs. It was the weekend so I got to do what I wanted, which was really nothing.

"Glad to see you up early" Said my mom.

She was a little but more happy than she was yesterday about the whole Samantha incident. I still wondered what happened but decided not to bother so it didn't look suspicious, like I had been up to it to. I sat down at the table. I was joined right than my Samantha herself.

Her usual brown hair was going here and there. Her cloths were wrinkled and did twist and turns up her body. She sat down and didn't say much but instead sat staring blankly at the table. "I wonder what had happened to her last night" I thought.

"Hey honey came home to grab something I left on my desk. I need for a conference we are having today. They are having trouble with people trying to sire other people" He said and then turned to me "Silver be a good girl and go grab that article that I had left right on top of my desk" He said

I nodded and quickly walked down the corridor hallway all they way to the end where the door was slightly ajar. In there were stacks of papers, book shelves, and a small desk in the middle. I slid through the piled messes on the floor dad had yet to pick up and finally made it to his desk with a leap.

I searched through his desk, through the many different papers that he had been dealing with. I finally found the article and something else. Me being so curious I grabbed it and started examining the piece of paper. I had the date when I was born but what caught my eye was it also said when I had died. It read:

Silver born 1991, died 1997

Went missing after parents were attacked, found girl dead behind a garbage can now buried in the cemetery "Land View"

"That is weird" I thought. I grabbed it and stuck it in my pocket then hurried back down to the corridor. I walked back into the kitchen and handed him his paper, he smiled gratefully at me then shared a passionate kiss with my mom and left.

"I am not hungry, I am going to go" I said sliding the plate away.

That was usual for me, so my mom just nodded and took my plate. I turned and walked back down the corridor to my room where I laid there on my bed, wondering what I would do for the day. I felt something nagging at my head again and let it in.

"Silver, I know you are up" said Jaeger

"I know, I have been up for a while now" I replied

"Well thought I would let you know I am almost at you house" He said and I felt myself smile.

"I will me waiting" I said and then he was out of my mind.

I walked back up stairs and waited for there to be a knock on the door and soon enough there was. I was the first to the door, when I opened it Jaeger stood there. He grinned when he seen me and I aloud him to step in.

"Well it seems like you were right about the mind trick" I said loud enough just for him to hear.

"Of course I was" He said

"Hello Jaeger, how is your day coming along?" Asked my mom

"Oh good, just came by to hang out with Silver" He said and with that he put his arm around my shoulder.

"Well have fun, Silver please be back for dinner" Said my mom giving me a slight smile before walking off into another room

"Come on" I said dragging him along.

"So what's wrong?" Asked Jaeger when we were from hearing distance from the house. I looked over at him with a confused look. "When I was "Mind" talking to you, it felt like something was bothering you" He said.

"Oh, well.." I said and continued, there was no way I was going to be able to get out of this unless I told him. "I found a note that said when I was born" I said

"Why would that trouble you?" He asked raising an eye brow.

"Well, what was weird was it was the wrong date and the other weird thing is it also said when I died" I replied

Authors Note

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