The Aftermath (Of Your Pain)

The Moon Howls At The Wolf

A series of haikus that connect to tell a story of grief and its impact on a friendship.

"That makes me so sad.

I'm actually so sorry."

I never meant that…


I know you're upset

And the death still resonates

Deep within your heart


So I consider

That your pain is troubling you

And you are wounded


So I'm sad for you

I'll walk on eggshells for you

And we won't discuss

(Because The Pain Hurts Too Much)

Author's Note: Written September 19th after I stumbled through a conversation with a friend whose going through a hard time. Also semi-inspired by my friend's conversation with me, but a better poem will come with that scenario in mind. Hope you liked it! And please review and check out some of my other works! Thank You!