I'm suddenly all invisible.

Standing on the edge, so breakable.

I used to be the queen bee.

Slowly I became a big nobody.

I disappeared without a trace

When I was suddenly replaced.

They shoved, I took the blow.

They pushed, and I let go.

Now I'm standing here against the wall.

Just one more step and I will fall.

So I'll just turn myself around now.

I won't crumble to the ground now.

They can shove now, I will duck.

They can push, I wish them good luck.

Cause when everything around me

Has shattered into the tiniest particle.

I promise I'll still be standing here,

Defeating everything, defeating all Hell.

Invisible yeah, but I still do exist.

They'll still feel the blow of my fist

When I'll be banging into the door

Till it can't lock me out anymore.

And I'll walk back into my throne.

I'll get back everything that I own.