I thought it was over

But each day I open up my eyes

Each day I wake up wondering why

I close my eyes

And all I see is your beautiful face

Looking back at me

I close my eyes

I shut my ears

Trying to forget

Trying not to shed tears

Oh darling

Why did you do this to me?

All I ever did was love you

I always just wanted to please you

To make you happy

I never fought

I never lied

I loved you

You know I tried

But you still left me on my own

Oh darling

How could you hurt me this way?

You know that I can't live without you for a day

I tried before

I tried to leave

I knew you had to much power over me

Oh don't you see

I am nothing without you

I cannot think

I cannot breathe

I need you here

Here with me

Oh darling

Please come back to me

Come back to me

I feel like my whole world is cracking to pieces

I need you to keep me together

Hold me tight

And tell me everything's gonna be alright

Promise me

You'll never leave me again

Please just promise

You'll always be there