This is about my mom's dependency on alcohol. Just how I feel about it


Can't you hurt
Or feel something
It's consumes you and controls you
There is nothing that is safe

Hide your words
They mean nothing
It's contagious and it kills you
Is there anything to save?

Pour one out
Leave your demons unfound

Is there any blood left in you?
If I cut you, will you still bleed?
Is there any life left in you?
If I save you, will you still bleed?

Fighting your disease

Tame this greed
That fills your life
It rebuilds you then destroys you
Why are you so different

Pour one, please
Take back your lies
They devour and ignite you
I have fear this is the end

Pour one down
Leave yourself on the ground


Cut out your disease

Will it still make you sick
Like it does me?
I hope you can see the pain in it
Like I see you dying in my dreams


Fueling your disease


Killing your disease