I turned around and I saw him, the one who had been hunting me down for many years. Tom smirked.

"I've finally got you surrounded" he smiled wickedly pulled out a bow and strung it.

Whats wrong with this kid thinking he'll get me with a bow and arrow? I thought and sighed. He was turned his head confused. Tom about 23 or 24, wasn't exactly good looking. He had many scars mostly from me. He'd been hunting me for 3 years, and never gave up. I try not to hurt him but he usually leaves with a few cuts.

I go over to him, smile, and snap his bow. He looks at me with a frown then decides he doesn't have much of a chance and runs. I don't bother chasing him. He's made me mad and I don't want to hurt him. He scared all the prey away.

I wish he'd just leave me alone. I climb a tree and take in my surroundings. The woods, a way to break free. I jump down and go look for a place to sleep for the night. I know I won't fall asleep but I still need protection form the cold night. I find a cave and start a fire. It's the nicest cave I've ever found, silent and warm. I sit for a few hours then I lie down, and think, and surprisingly fall asleep.