I'm looked upon like a mistake. A mutation, perhaps. A tragedy in this world, my kind is known as. I'm no different from you, so why do you look upon me as if I don't belong? Ignorance is what comes to mind. There is no darkness but ignorance in this world. Ignorance is what makes us all different. Some of us can look past it all, but I've yet to meet one with that ability.

My name is Rose Hamilton. I was born with a disease that was supposed to kill me years ago, but it didn't. My aunt says that God has punished me for a crime I committed in a previous life, but in my eyes, God has blessed me. Not one soul is alike in any way, and my soul is different from anyone in Oklahoma.

I was born a beautiful young girl with flowing blonde hair and glistening blue eyes. To me, appearance doesn't matter. Every girl is beautiful in her own way. Some of them see it, some of them don't. It is rare to find a girl who looks at her beauty the right way. No girl understands her true beauty until the moment of her death, and I feel for those girls. But no girl understands her world. Any girl out there should smile and accept her beauty, because God made you the way you are, and you were gifted with your beauty. I tend to keep to myself, but at home, I spend all of my time with my sisters, Bethany and Anneliese. Both born different, they have the same views as me.

Bethany was a very smart girl with curly red hair, freckles that littered her face and chunky glasses that hid her eyes. But it never bothered her one bit. She truly loves her appearance, and doesn't care what anyone else could possibly think. Bethany is always there when you need a question answered. Bethany was blessed with knowledge, which she uses well.

Anneliese was born deaf, unable to hear a single sound in the world. She has mousy brown hair and has never uttered a word. She has the ability to, but chooses not to speak. I can't imagine a life without sound, but somehow, Anneliese has adapted to living it. Oh, how I feel for her!

My mother was a brilliant young woman. With her fiery red curls, she was like a Goddess. My mother was blessed with acceptance and a kind heart. She accepted anyone who befriended her, whether they be of a different race or a different religion, in her eyes, a human is a human. A black man and a Jewish man are no different than a white Christian or Catholic man. All in all, our hearts beat as one, and my mother knew that from the very day of her birth.

My father was a handsome man, built tall and strong. He had thick dark hair and came from a working family. My father, like my mother, accepted anyone who befriended our family, except for the fact that, like Anneliese, he was deaf. He couldn't hear, he couldn't speak, he could barely see. Again, my aunt claimed that God was punishing him, but in the eyes of my mother, he was blessed, and she truly loved him like no other could. That is why she married him.

Most people believe that they need love to survive. I am not looking for it, but I am allowing it to find me. I've run into a few boys who appeared to have been perfect, but it never worked. They just weren't the right ones. I thought that I would never meet Mr. Perfect, until I met James Sullivan.