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Warning: FemSlash. Soft fluffy words. Kissing (a little).

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Her full, dark red lips parted; the smoke leaving in lazy curls. Letting her eyelids lower in a relaxed state, the dark make-up aided in giving a mysterious look about her. Bright hazel eyes shined as she smiled at her companion's complaints about her bad habit.

Humming softly, she took the other girl's hand, and began to lead her away from the small building where they had not too long ago had their first anniversary dinner.

Stopping at a small secluded area in a park not too far off, she let go of the other girl's hand and slid down the trunk of old willow tree to plop down at it's base before patting the dirt next to her. "Sit by me, love."

The other girl scrunched up her small button nose, her bright green eyes flashing as she eyed the ground as if it had personally offended her. "No..I don't think I will." Her pink lips covered in a shiny gloss shimmered in the dying sunlight, and her pale skin gave off a light glow. "My dress will get dirty And what would I do then? We don't all like walking around looking as if we just woke up." She motioned from her pretty cream colored baby doll styled dress with ruffles and lace, then to the other girl's loose jeans that had large holes in the knees and band tee shirt.

The dark skinned girl grinned, the spider bites catching the other girl's attention. "Now, I don't think that was very nice. And I also don't think that I asked you if you wanted to." Reaching up, she grabbed the girl's small wrist, and pulled her down onto her lap, laughing as the other girl gave a loud and undignified squawk in her surprise. "Mmm.." Holding the hand that held the cigarette further away from the girl, not wanting to accidentally set her dress on fire as she nuzzled the girl's neck. "I love you so much, my pretty little spoiled princess."

Blushing, and trying to sit right so that her legs didn't fall open, she gave a small quiet cough, waving her dainty hand in the air in front of her face. "Put that thing out, would you? I'm starting to get a headache from all that smoke."

Taking one last long drag from the cancer stick, she obliged her and snuffed it out against the bottom of her shoe quickly before grabbing the other girl's chin, and forcing her to face her. Giving a smirk, she crushed her lips against her girlfriend's open ones, letting the smoke fill the pale girl's mouth before thoroughly mapping out the well known cavern, causing the other participant gave a deep moan. Pulling away so that the back of her head rested against the bark of the tree, the dark skinned girl pulled the woman closer so that now her head rested against her chest. "Look at that sunset, babe. It's trying to compete with your beauty.. I don't have the heart to tell it that it could never come close."

A gentle blush started across the girl's cheeks, matching the color of the light reds that showed up in her strawberry blonde hair. Nuzzling close, and inhaling deeply to catch the other girl's scent; dark and mysterious as her eyes, with a hint of something that she would assume danger would smell like if it ever had a scent.

Later that night, when the blonde was beginning to fall asleep, still sitting in the park with her girlfriend, she heard her whisper softly. "I love you so much, princess.. I don't know how I lived without you for so long. And I'm afraid of what I would do if someone ever tried to take you away from me.." The lighter girl could feel her brush her dark lips across her face. "Forever doesn't seem long enough when I'm with you..Happy Anniversary."

The stars were the only witness as the pale girl for the first time in their year together initiated a kiss.

~Le Fin~

A/N: ...It sucked. But that's ok, because this was my first time writing a female/female. So! About that last line, yes. That's right, you didn't misread that; that is differently the first time the paler girl kissed the other.

A little background info: They were enimes for a bit, but after being forced to set aside their differences they grew close. And eventually romance, and the darker skinned girl convinced the other to go out with her. But the lighter skinned girl still liked to believe she was straight, and didn't want to do anything that would show she wasn't, even though she said yes. This is basically her finally breaking that last 'barrier'.

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