You're not the only one
With secrets to hide.
Secrets that eat away at your sanity,
Drive you slowly mad.

I remember I once said to you,
"I'm sure you have secrets too."
You said you didn't, none at all.
I have to say, I was pretty skeptical.

Admitting your fears
Is a hard thing to do.
Admitting you need help
Is even harder to do.

I know how deep it goes.
The pain, the insecurities.
Wondering if anyone really cares
Is something I still do.

We will always be here
To hold you, dry your tears.
Those are more than just words,
It's the truth you must accept.

Things will happen, and people will stay silent.
It's just the way things are.
Don't be afraid to talk it out;
It won't hurt us, we are strong.

We all tell ourselves
That we need to be okay.
But there is only so far
You can go like that.

No one has acted yet
On those little hints that slip.
No one knows quite what to do
When someone has become unstable.

It will not hurt us to know.
Even if it does, pain is not forever.
Pouring out secrets
Can only make you stronger.

You don't need to tell us straight out.
Like this, through writing, is fine.
If it's easier, so be it.
I have hardly said anything using my voice.

Do I want to know? Should I?
There are always some secrets that will never be told.
Do you want me to know? Should you?
However, acting on doubt can prove challenging.

It has not gone unnoticed,
I want to speak up.
Killing silence
Should not be endured.