He took me to Paris. God may know how, and god probably knows, but Maalik simply pulled open a door, and we stepped through it only to come out under the Eiffel tower. I stood there, staring around with an open mouth - I had never been to France, and I wanted to see as much of it as I could - until Maalik dragged me away.

"How the devil did you do that?"

"The devil had little to do with it. Now come." He said over his shoulder, as he was already moving away.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but what the hell are we going to do?" I asked, as I ran after him.

"We are going to kill an incubus."

"I know that. Do we have a plan for this?" I specified.

"We kill it. What's there to plan?" He looked over his shoulder.

"The part where you make sure we both survive, unharmed, if possible." I was surprised that I had to explain this to him.

"I do not have much to fear from an incubus." he shrugged.

"But I do." I slowed down a moment, thinking of the way this thing could hurt and kill me.

Maalik turned to me, scanning me from head to toes. "Just stay out of its way."

I rolled my eyes as he stalked off again. The man was impossible.

When he finally stopped we were at an old house, near the Notre Dame. "Now what?" I looked up at him.

"Now, we wait." He replied as he sat down in the shadows. I followed his example. Waiting turned out not to be my strong point. And I quickly fell asleep. Maalik, who had been crouching down in front of me, either didn't notice, or he simply let me doze.

Blue, they were blue. A deep, mysterious navy blue. I could drown in the colour of those eyes… He was smiling at me, kindly and seductive, yet his smile wasn't as mesmerizing as his eyes were. And I felt odd, as if he had me under his spell. And it felt pleasant. He moved closer and closer, and reached out to me. His long slim fingers caressed my cheek, as he bent over me. He smelled great, intoxicating even. His face was only inches away from mine now, his breath felt warm on my skin, and his hand had slipped down from my face to my shoulder. His dark silken hair fell beautifully around his face and filled my view. His lips softly touched mine, and when he pulled back a few inches I was disappointed.

He grinned at me, teasing. I narrowed my eyes slightly, than decided to play along. I moved forward and pressed my lips on his, He grinned before deepening the kiss. He tasted sweet, alluring. His hand, that had lain resting on my shoulder, had started to peel of the bands of my top, while gently pressing me down to the floor. He pulled back from the kiss and then kissed my neck, then my shoulder and collarbone, slowly making his way down and making me shiver of pleasure.

His hands glided over me, feeling my curves and exploring my body, when two hands suddenly grabbed him by the shoulders and yanked him off me. I yelled, first from offense that someone interrupted us, then from fear: as soon as he was pulled away from me, he lost his charm and allure, his eyes turned black, completely black; there no longer was an iris visible or any white. And sharp razor like teeth became visible when he hissed at the person behind him. And his long fingers looked more like talons now. When my heartbeat had steadied a little, I recognized the person behind it as Maalik, so that means that the creature was the Incubus.

"Nothing to worry about, was it?" I yelled. "You used me as bait!" I crawled back, until I had my back pressed against the wall. Maalik threw me a glare that told me that he'd get back to me, and dragged the Incubus away. I was thankful for that, the memory of the nightmare blood sticking onto my skin was still fresh in my memory, and I had no need of witnessing another murder. Even if it was that of an Incubus, and it had to be done. I heard the distinct sound of a blade being drawn, a snake-like hiss and then nothing. A few moments later, Maalik returned, sweeping the blood of his blade with an old cloth. He kneeled down next to me, gently lifting my chin up. "How far did he get?"

I threw him a distressed glance. I do not want to discuss this with him, I was ashamed enough and he didn't look like the understanding type. "I have to know, if he…"

I shook my head. "He only kissed me, you were in time." I mumbled.

He nodded, and then looked at the skin of my neck and shoulder. Where the Incubus had kissed me my skin was scratched and bloody. And where his hands had stroked me my body felt sore.

"He did feed, a little." He mumbled worried. "Can you stand?"

I nodded, expecting that I could. But my legs proved me wrong, and I was about to sink back to the floor, but Maalik caught me just in time. "Apparently not." He mumbled, before sweeping me up into his arms - bridal style. As he carried me away from there, I felt so stupid. I hid my face against his chest. How could I be so naïve that I fell for the charm of a demonic creature like that. I felt disgusted that I led that thing touch me: it was going to kill me, and it would've taken my virginity to do so.

"It could've happen to anyone." Maalik said bluntly. "I should have thought of it, though. I thought, because you are one of us, you could resist it. I was wrong, and because of my ignorance you got hurt. Please accept my apologies."

I looked up at his face, he was staring forward, his face completely blank.

"Did it hurt?" I asked.

He looked down on me, surprised. "Did what hurt?"

"Admitting that you were wrong?" I said.

He narrowed his eyes.

I grinned. "Apologies accepted Maalik."

Maalik didn't say anything more after that, but just lead me back to the Eiffel tower and back into the Ministry of Saints. There he put me down on a wooden chair in the same room where he got his weaponry from when we had left for the Incubus. He got a small box from his cabinet and kneeled down in front of me.

From the box he got disinfectional and bandages.

"This might sting a little." He said, before cleaning my wounds.

I sucked in air through my teeth as a response on the sting. "That's more than a little."

No response.

"I didn't offend you, did I?"

"Why do you assume I am arrogant and ignorant?"

"Because you act like it."

He let his hands rest on his knees and looked me in the eyes. "Have you decided whether or not you believe in us yet?"

A small smile played on my lips. "I am getting there, yes."

"I am the angel who is too handle the dead in Hell. If I was kind and friendly, I wouldn't survive." He said.

"But with the air you have around you… it doesn't work in your favour with the living." I stated.

He grinned. "You are confusing us with humans. We are not as social."

A light went up with me. "Am I correct to state that angels once were human?" He nodded. "So, you do not reproduce." He nodded again. "You don't love?" He gave me a strange look and then stood up, putting the medicine kit away. He remained by the cabinet with his back to me.

"We did. Once."

He stood there like a statue, and I started to feel sorry for him. I carefully stood up, not sure whether my legs could carry me. They could, and I walked up to him.

"Why won't you tell me?" He turned his head to me. "Why won't anyone tell me what is going on here? Why won't anyone tell me why I can't leave here, and what is that nonsense about having to revive God?"

He smiled at me. "We can not tell you. We are not allowed."

I looked down. "How can it, that creatures as pure as angels, can't tell me the truth?"

He laid his hands under my chin. "We are no longer the ones who control this world, young girl. Not since the great religions grew in power. Not since men destroyed the truth."

"I don't understand." I mumbled. His stare was intense, like he was trying to read my mind.

"Then learn. Look around and figure it out. You can restore things, where we can not."

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