All by myself I succeed
Without my parents who raised me and breeds
All by myself I survive
I will go beyond expectation and thrive
People will tell me to give up and quit
But I'm smarter than that, I have my wit
I don't need anyone to tell me what to do
They all ready discourage me and tell me "boo"
"It's pointless," they say; "I don't care", I respond
"My future and I have a bond!"
Life isn't easy, it is actually quite hard
But I'm not stopping after making it so far
My life is my own so let me be
You don't understand what it means to me
My hardwork and courage will pay off in the end
And that's all that matters, since it will be I who will tend
To my every want and every need
That is my own andIi will feed
All by myself I remain true
To myself, to my life, so I don't need you!