A hero is a person whom I look up to and respect
A hero is a person who is sworn to protect
But you are not a hero not inside or out
You would have left me stranded in a drought
You are cruel, selfish, childish, and more
And to think days ago you had so much in store
Your pride, your bravado, and your attitude
It's too much to take in especially your mood
You don't care about others, you don't care about me
It's too bad you don't see that, and you will pay the fee
I can't take it no more, it's too much to handle
Deep down inside I feel so stranded
You tell me you'll change
And that it's only a phrase
But I don't believe you, not after what you did
When I was in trouble all you did was hid
Enough is enough, you are no longer needed
You should have listened to me when I first heeded
What do you mean a hero; you are not one at all
You are just someone I knew who continues to fall.