What does it mean to be loved?
Is it the feeling one gets from above?
Does love feel like being comforted and held?
Or is love the sensation one has to rebel?
Is love a feeling or a thing?
I don't understand, does it require a ring?
Love is something I never truly knew.
Is it something to give from me to you?
Or is it just the passion one has to live on?
Can I find it during dawn?
Can it be seen and can it be touched?
Please explain it to me, I don't ask for much.
Love is something I want to learn about.
It is something I feel empty without.
Can I obtain it and is it real?
Deep down inside I want to feel.
People wonder how I survived for so long.
Can love give me strength and make me strong?
I want to know, I want to learn more.
What is love and will it help me soar?
Oh look there's a dove!
Will you explain to me: What is love?