I always dreamed of my bright future each day
I never thought that it would end this way
One moment I'm as healthy as ever
But now I feel my life has been severed
I'm so young, so it cannot be
This pain is torture, so please set me free
I don't wish for death but how can I live on
My happiness and joy has been taken away and is gone
I've lived as long as I possibly could
I wanted to live longer, I thought I would
I have dreams and I have goals
But this feeling I feel is eating my soul
How can someone so young feel this pain?
I'm crying so hard that I'm making it rain.
Tears and screams blending together
I don't want this sensation to last forever
I don't want my story to end this way
So listen to me and what I have to say
It's too early for me, so it's too early for you
Don't give up on life, since it is something I would never do
Treasure each moment and treasure it all
Life may make unexpected calls
But it's up to you to make it all worthwhile
Live each moment with flair and style
My life may have been cut too short too soon
But it was a gift and treasure like pirate doubloons.