You don't listen to a word I say
All you do is play, play, play
I'm trying to help make things better
But every holiday you ask for gifts like sweaters
I need you to stop, I need you to listen
There are things in your life that are missing
Your family has left and all you have is me
I need you to slow down and see
If you continue to do this, I'll just have to quit
As much as I care about you, I will admit
I can't take this no more, I'm not your babysitter
You know overall I'm not a quitter
But you've pushed and pushed me to the edge
I'm already hanging off this mountain ledge
A mountain of my built up irritation
And of wanting to get off this station
Where I sit back and watch you live
And destroy the wisdom that I give
This is your last chance to listen or miss
Because I can no longer deal with it, I can't take this!