You are everything I could never be
You are the epitome of perfect as far as I could see
Your beauty and magnificence is beyond all words
Yet you chose me amongst others as you one special love bird
You told me of your perspective of my looks
That it took more than definitions in books
That I had style and I had flair
And that I also had beauty to be fair
I was smart, creative, and a unique being
I wouldn't and couldn't believe what you were seeing
My self-esteem was down in the dirt
Yet you still called me beautiful in a skirt
It took me years to see from your vision
Since you told me your side, it became my mission
To prove to myself of who I really am
When I finally saw, my tears broke the dam
You were right about me and about my life
I should have seen it without strife
If only I knew way back then
But past is past no matter when
I'll keep in mind your advice
To look inside myself twice
I'll say one last thing to end my internal fight
Everything you told me, you were right!