You deserve to be loved and you deserve to be cared for
Your parents are worthless if they left you out the door
Yet you smile and laugh as if it was normal
You even took me to the winter formal
But you can't fool me and I do care
What your parents did to you is just not fair
You're so kind and sweet and deserve more
I'll always be there for you to help me soar
I may not be much but I'm what you have
I would never break your heart with a stab
I want you to stop hiding your feelings
Cry and be angry, you're a human being
No one is perfect, even I have flaws
Believe in me to help you think and pause
Trust me with everything you have inside
I want to be the one to help you glide
I won't judge you or the way you act
It will prove to me the facts
Beyond your looks and outward appearance
There is a painful memory of your parents disappearance
Love me like I love you
Because you deserve more which I will renew.