Music is your soul
Bared to the world
something that can
make you cry with the joy of it

Music is universal
uniting people who will
never see one another
creating harmony

Music is expression
in its purest form
touching one and all
in an instant before its gone

Music is pain
so fresh and raw
that you can taste
the blood and fear

Music is hope
A tiny seed
able to flourish
In the harshest conditions

Music is passion
fiery hot
swirling about you
sensuous and full

Music is despair
Poignant and bitter
lingering around you
even after it's long gone

Music is love
sweet and tender
blossoming greater
than one can imagine

Music is sight
colorful and vibrant
floating so even
the blind can see it

Music is home
secure and safe
for without it
we are adrift

Music is unique
birth and death
because no matter how we try
we can't duplicate it

Music is now
here and gone in a flash
ever flowing, ever changing
impossible to hold on to