Who are we?
Who are these girls?
Why are we the way we are?
Why do these things happen?

Our lives
Riddled with pain
Riddled with sorrow
Constant reminders of the haunting darkness

Why must we play these games?
Secrets, fear, pain eat at our hearts
We hold in, but long to let go
Hearts tearing in two directions

Bound together by strings of friendship
Loving sisters, ready to catch who that falls
But falling ones are hesitant to lay their weight on others
A circle of confusion

Secrets slip, longing to be heard
Words of sorrow, words of love, words of comfort
Spilt occasionally and locked within the others hearts
Held close like a life rope tied to the writer

We are troubled, we are confused, we are in pain
We are different, we are true, we are dark
We are contradicting, within ourselves
We are sisters; dark and light together