September 2011


Carl With a Sexy Snarl


Hi! So I guess I'm, like, a poem!

I've got lots and lots of things to say and if I can I'll show 'em!

To you! - load 'em up like bullets and point and pull and then I'll blow 'em!

But only your mind will feel a hit 'cause I'm, like, just a poem!


So yeah…I'm kind of lonely in a sad poetic way!

And I was thinking that maybe one of those other poems… hey now, wait!…

I saw how fast you read that line! Hey, check this out - BANG, BANG!

There! I hope you know I'm lonely NOW, you sad ungrateful shame!


So, anyways, I was wondering, any of you other writings?...

Would you maybe want to hook up and we could do something exciting?

Especially any of you by that girl – I can't remember her name…

Something about fire … oh, wow, this is sounding really lame…

Well, in any case, if you happen to read this, Hit Me Up! I'd love to play!

I'll be right here seven days a week, veinte-quatro horas a day!


And in another news, my author is (surprise!) feeling up and down!

I'm all like, Dude, I don't know what you're on, but seriously, chill out!

I know that you have problems, but so do I, and this entire freaking town!

(Oh hey, By The Way, Evanescence' new album is coming out!

I know, right? When I heard I was like...)

Oh crap.

The dude is back.

Ah, yes…love and tears and buffalo wraps

And, um, in the restaurant you broke up and had indigestion and…smoked half a pack

Now you…love her? Miss her? Kind of hate her?

And then…what? You met for lunch and ate her?

More angst and YA pain and stuff….Tear. (TTYL8r!)