Across the universe,

I am driving myself

crazy over unnecessary

stupid nonsense. You

always tell me the truth,

how can you be so sure?.

How can you be so true

and brave?.Please comeback

to me instead of fading to black

because I miss being in your

presence. I never want to lose

you for your support makes up

for everything else that I lack in my life.

You see the best in me, you are my

greatest investment of all time. You

carry my heart everywhere with you

that you may go. I can't see anything

beyond this attachment. We are two

souls dwelling in the same body, an

unchained melody that remains unbroken.

You have made me to believe in the power

of unity and serenity. Unpredictable, life is

short and life is just whatever we make it to be,

but never say never. Don't let me go so

please keep holding on to me for you are

my life support. Being your friend, this is

an once in a lifetime opportunity for me.

I have found favor with you, you can write

the words in cement. I can't see anything

beyond this attachment. I will continue to

look after you until the skies aren't blue

anymore and we have reached the end of our lives

here on earth.