envenomate |enˈvenəˌmāt|verb [ trans. ] Zoology & Medicine

(of a snake, scorpion, spider, or insect) poison by biting or stinging

Adina's eyes froze wide open as her jaw dropped. There, right there, in front of her was a snake. She watched in morbid fascination as it slid its way toward her. Barely breathing, she stepped to the side of the path, hoping the snake would slide by her or disappear into the brush or disappear from her sight with an inaudible *poof*.

Unfortunately, the snake slid over until it was a few feet away from her. In a breathless moment, the snake rose up, lifting the upper half of its body off the ground. Terrified, Adina wanted to cry as it waved its body back and forth as if contemplating her. Now that it was "sitting up", the snake's disgusting head reached her mid-thigh, making the snake appear even larger.

Hood perched and tongue-flicking, the snake shot out too quick for Adina's eyes to see. Her already slow reflexes only registered the snake's attack when she felt a fiery piercing in her hand. With an appropriate cry, she looked down to see the snake had moved. Now its head was attached to the back of her right hand, fangs bared and buried into her skin. Not thinking but only reacting, Adina grabbed the snake's neck and pulled it back, ripping it from her hand. Flinging it away, she ran in the opposite direction.

Doing the only thing she could think of, she pressed her bleeding wound to her mouth and sucked. The venomous warm liquid burned her mouth. Gagging, she spit out the thickness as her legs wobbled. Her vision swam as a sense of lightheadedness clouded her. She tried to lift her hand again, hoping to get another mouthful of venom out of her body, but when her knees buckled, she was forced to put out both hands to brace her fall.

Too bad the venom had already spread, causing her arms to collapse beneath the weight. The fierce, pinching burning was spreading through her body, the only sensation Adina could feel. The rocks under her, digging into her ribs and hips were not her focus as her brained slowed. Breathing became a labor; moving was impossible. Her eyes drooped before freezing barely open. A lone tear of fear and regret slid down her dirt-smothered cheek.

A pair of two bare feet and barely distinguishable legs entered her faint vision, but before her mind could even process a thought of asking for help, Adina's conscious slipped away, leaving her as good as dead.

Copyright 2011 by Lydia Pape. All rights reserved.

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