The Full Summary:
Also known as Insubordination on deviantART. In a totalitarian society where telepaths are locked up, tortured and used as thought police, waking up to a plethora of thoughts in one's mind that aren't exactly one's own is not by any stretch a desirable concept. Riley, one of the rich protectors of the common people, finds himself in a bind when this becomes exactly his situation. But as he struggles with preconceived hatred of his own kin, he doesn't realise just how much worse this odd ability can get...

Written by Pseudinymous

-+Chapter 1+-

His expression... the only way it could be described was bored. That, and ever-so-slightly bemused. The movements he took were smooth, fluid, slick; much like those of a snake. He watched and stared like a snake, too, as his eyes focused heavily upon their subject, injecting it with condescension and malice.

The man's prisoner, however, didn't think that was the scary part about him. The prisoner knew that the scary part was all in the mind, in that complicated tangle of neurons we call a brain. The chill of your spine was never initiated from the way he looked, but the man who was in charge of that body. The captor must have been the single greatest example of this...

He licked his lips. "So..." he began, decorating his words with acid, "you lied... didn't you?"

The prisoner was shaking. One hand had unbeknownst crept around to the back of his neck and was now holding onto the hair it had found very, very firmly. He couldn't exactly deny the accusation now, but he didn't have the energy or guts to agree with it, either. So the prisoner said nothing.

"That's what all of them think. Every single one of you. Did you know that?" A pause. "Of course you did. We're all alike... all of us."

"W-what about that b-butler?" the prisoner spat out, using some unknown reserve of energy. "H-he can't! H-he's not..."

"Do you think I was including the butler in this?" the man thundered. Boredom that had previously been present on his face was now missing and had been replaced with rage. The prisoner, even more thoroughly frightened than before, scuttled backwards.

The man sniffed. "Pathetic. You'd think people in your situation would try to save themselves, wouldn't you? But not you. You decide to keep it all to yourself, even though you know I'll find out. You decide to question me, even though you know exactly how well it will go down. You do this knowing that you will be punished..."

"I know how you think!" the prisoner uncharacteristically hissed, his face conveying a sharp conversion of fright to anger. "I know how everyone thinks! Don't think you can contain-"

"Considering," his captor interrupted, speaking as though the man he was talking to was nothing but utter filth, "you can read my thoughts, surely you must realise that I, too, know every single one of yours. You have no advantage over me. Nothing."

'Oh, but I will get away!' the prisoner's mind screamed. 'You think it's impossible but you can't read my potential! You don't know the real potential of any of the people you detain!'

"Do you know how many people have mentally chided to me the very same thing? You are... the same as the rest of them. For the rest of your life you shall remain a slave." Particular emphasis was placed on that final word, and further emphasis was placed upon the next sentence. "You're absolutely pathetic."

And it was now that the captor was glad that telepathy did not require empathy. The waves of thick, raw emotions that were being siphoned off this one prisoner were incredible, almost tangible. They were filled with fear, sadness, even rage. But the rest of his prisoners all showed signs of the same thing, too. He was well used to it, by now...

Caught in his own private little world of thoughts (and blissfully ignoring the thoughts floating in the air around him), the captor only remembered what he was doing when the prisoner gave a sickening scream and collapsed. Behind the prisoner stood a tall, grinning man; a whip clutched securely in his left hand.

He had seen many things before, and many things repeat. This, too, was something that was destined to happen again.

Author's Note:
Next chapter should be up in around two days time. This is not the average length of the chapters (I've planned them to be quite a bit longer), but more of a prologue than anything else. Anyhow, thanks for reading, and I'll be glad to know what you think. :)