"Forget the money or I move out." She shouted at him through a veil of tears. Mamie was sick and tired of being second to this search for more wealth.

"Aw, now, you don't mean that. You can't. I wouldn't let you leave." Luke said with a desperate edge to his voice. "Only a few more years now and we will be rich—you'll be able to have anything you want. I'll buy you an ocean if that'll keep you happy."

"I don't want an ocean. I want my man. You sit all day in that office of yours tiring yourself out so much that when you get home the only thing you can think about is going to sleep. I'm tired of that. I want someone who will live with me, love with me, and die with me. I don't want someone who doesn't even have time to give me a good-bye kiss before he rushes off to the office."

He groaned inside. He had seen this coming but had hoped it would stay away until he really did have time for her. Well, it wasn't as though he neglected her, he gave her many things, like, um…lots of things; what more did she want from him? He loved her! Didn't his generosity show that? Well, he'd do anything to keep her here with him, even if it meant giving up his job.

"Listen, I'll quit my job and we can go live somewhere in the country. I-I have enough resources so that I can take an early retirement. What do you say?" he tripped over his words in the effort to get them out right.

"I think that is a wonderful idea. But wait—are you sure you want to give up your job just to keep me happy and with you?" She waited for the answer with baited breath.

He didn't even hesitate, "Yes, I want you to be happy. I also know that I cannot live without you. We'll renew our wedding vows on the way to the country—a symbol to our new life together."

By Angie Hofer