Ultimate Betrayal

Today I was betrayed,

By someone I've known nearly half my life.

By someone I thought was a friend,

Now I'd rather get a knife,

And run myself through with it.

She knows how much I like him,

But she don't know,

To see her with him,

How much it hurt me,

How could she betray me?

She has a boyfriend,

But it ain't him.

Can't she stick to just one?

And let me have him,

Just let me have him.

She knows I love him,

She knows I do.

She betrayed me,

When there was no need to.

Surely this is the act of ultimate betrayal.

Surely my friendship meant to her,

A lot more than a little flirt.

But knowing her,

All too well, knowing her,

This wasn't too surprising.