Out on the ice on that winter day,
Mother told me that I may,
I shivered in the cold,
The ice began to fold.

I fell underneath into the icy waters,
There I froze, her only daughter.
Swallowed by the lake,
I wish I could have come up, for Mother's sake.

With ice all around me I drowned,
Do not cry, do not frown,
I only lived to five,
But it is hard to survive.

When I didn't come home Mother was worried,
I know she tried to save me, I know she hurried,
But I was gone by then,
Hidden in the frozen den.

In spring the next year,
You found your fear,
I was in the lake face down,
Wearing a deathly crown.

I didn't want to make you cry,
I didn't want to die,
But in life we do what we don't want to,
It's not something I rue.

And Mother,
Please tell Brother,
It's not his fault I'm gone,
I just saved him from falling on.

I'm sorry I have to go,
You're sad, I know,
Please don't forget me,
I won't forget my family.