Just a one-shot I think, but who knows? That's for you to choose.

Jenna started passing around her cookies she brought in. I was trying to listen to what the beasts of school Amber and Ashley were trying to say. Amber was talking about how she wanted a nose piercing next year. My catholic school wouldn't allow it anyway. Then they started talking about matching tattoos. Amber and Ashley were cousins. Close cousins. Ashley used to be my best friend. We got along like cookies and milk. Until she started to get jealous of me and my twin sister. So Amber came along and now she's trying to get her to be her own personal twin to make a long story short.

Let's try to make this in one sentence. Amber hates me. Ok that was difficult, I could've gone on ranting about how stupid she is. Don't hate me if I start to. Amber is unbelievably jealous of me. Hard to picture. Probably because I'm unpopular and nobody likes me. But still don't think I'm bullied or something.

Well back to the story. I've got to keep reminding myself this isn't my diary…

Jenna passed them out one by one. Everyone took a bite except anorexic Amber and Ashley. They gave it to there boyfriends who by "coincidence" are twins. And of course they took them. Then she gave me a dirty look. Did she think I would try to steal her precious Tanner away from her? Obviously I wouldn't, I wouldn't like anyone who saw something in her.

Just to make Amber jealous I decided to say something funny and make Tanner laugh.

"Hey Amber!" I said smiling, "would you be scared if a man in a kilt came to your house and gave you brownies?" Tanner started to laugh. Amber didn't. she turned to Tanner. "She scares me!" She said to him. He continued to laugh. It was one of those good moments in life and you don't really know why. Well Amber. Cookies cant buy love. Laughter can though =)

One shot? Or should I continue writing about my days at school involving Ashley and Amber?