Title: Away

Take a wayward bus away from here,
leave those memories in the dust.
Follow the noon-high sun,
thumb your way cross country.
Blow into town for a night or two,
gone again with a passing breeze.
Just inhale so slowly,
let all those troubles float away.
and feel weighted all over again.
Don't you eat,
save that pocket change for a phone call home.
Say hello with an even voice,
though your heart begs "come find me".
Whisper "I miss you" in his ear,
the dead of night, just past sunrise.
Any time you like,
because you know he can't hear.
Run west as far as you can go,
seek solitude in the deserts there.
Walk back east until you find the ocean's shore
and stare at the rolling waves of forever.
Shed your shoes,
walk barefoot on the shifting sands.
Stare back at the moon
as the stars dapple the black night sky.
Come back to yourself,
stuck exactly where you are.
As a Greyhound runs past,
know that you are falling away.